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Monday, January 30, 2006

Rebels at Congress & Gay bars

Hey folks, como les va?

It's been a slow week for me. Nothing new and exciting. This past saturday I went to the Congress Theater. Their series of free concerts is going on and this saturday was the one and only Ely Guerra

It was really nice. She had 2 opening acts, some boring band from Joliet, IL called Crather and a guy named Miguel Inzunza. He wasn't that bad, at least he was a tad more entertaining with his sampler. Not to mention the drunk dyke next to us was a riot. Hi, whoever u were! Ely looked lovely and she did an acoustic set which consisted of pracitally ALL her last album and then some. Whatever, it was a free show and she was good. There was a nasty ugly naca who kept yelling "Eres mi Venus!" throughout the whole show. She was annoying the fuck out of me. That was the only down side to the show. Also, there was a girl in the audience who looked JUST LIKE "Celina" from "Rebelde". Was it her?!?!

There was an interesting situation that happened to me on Friday too. It wasn't a big deal for me but I coudln't help but be annoyed. I saw somebody whom I had not seen in 4 years. We "saw" each other for a good month, yet this person didn't recognize me! Either that or he acted like it, still I was annoyed. Granted we never really were anything special, and as a matter of fact when I was seeing him I was also fucking someone else, but to ignore me like that was just rude. I was ready to say hi. This was like in 2002 or so. Either way, the guy is a goofy looking motherfucker and he had a little dick. Not to mention he couldn't keep his mouth shut and always wanted to sing to me with his nelly voice.

Have u ever run into people you went to school with at a Gay bar? It's hilarious when that happens. Being that it rarely happens to me, as I don't remember many things and people of my school days, I don't know how that feels like. People have recognized me and I'm like "oh wow! I did go to that school!". So to them I guess it's a surprise. I wasn't all "gay" in school. I was more of a loser "pseudo-goth" kid who hated everything and everyone. I was so damn negative about everything, as if me being too good for anything made me cool. I realize now that it's just as immature to act that way as it is to try to be a part of everything to fit in. Thank god I'm not that uptight anymore. I'd just be in a corner, writing poetry and smoking cigarrettes outside the school.

Back to the "Bar" issue, recently I have seen a guy who was friends with my brother, but I didn't go up to him. I told my brother about him, and he's like "oooh, I know who ure talking about! I always suspected he was gay!". Hahaha, next time if I'm really drunk, I'll go up to him. Funny. There was a boy I had a huge crush on in High school. ALL THE GIRLS, even older ones, loved this boy. He was adorable and had lovely muscular arms. I forgot his name but if I ever saw him at a gay bar, I'd totally go up to him and say "I was in love with u in high school! So u realized that mangina is better than girls?"

We'll see.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Lucia Mendez

Last night was Lucia Mendez's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCIA!

Let's all sing in celebration of Mexico's bombshell...
"who wants to buy....who wants to apples tonight?!"

That was an homage to a trashy song she "sang" on her 1982 movie "La Ilegal". hehehe. Actually, there's a really slutty ENGLISH song on her pop debut album called "Don't tell my mama". I LOVE IT!!! Let's sing that..

"Don't tell my mama cuz she'll be upset! Don't tell my mama cuz she'll be afraid! How could she ever understand the way we live, the way we are"

In 2005, Thanks to a fantastic online friend in Chihuahua, Mexico...I was exposed to this "diva". The lady can't really sing that well but man did she have some catchy and kooky music. Not to mention how INCREDIBLY SEXY Lucia Mendez was! Just look at her!

She was a bombshell back in her day. She maintained success as "The Queen of Telenovelas" in the 70's and most of the 80's, battling it out on screen with her "rival" Veronica Castro, who was nowhere near as sexy. Then, after recording a series of Mexican ranchera albums, she finally released a pop album in 1981, produced by Camilo Sesto! And the rest is history..the world was embraced by Lucia Mendez's style...sometimes classy and sometimes trashy. Vocally she's somewhere between Madonna and LaToya Jackson..but her music speaks for itself. Who doesn't enjoy her trashy fun songs like "Enamorada" or even "Castigame". What about "Margarita" and "Tormenta De Verano" Or her theme to her 1987 soap opera "El Extraño Retorno De Diana Salazar"?

"Es un alma en pena que va arrastrando cadenas! Que condena! Es un grito de amor! oh uh oh!"

Look at this picture from 1985. The intro to her telenovela "Tú o nadie". Kylie Minogue would later rip her off on her "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" video.

My favorite of her albums though, from the 80's which I flipped over in 2005 when I heard it, is "Enamorada". I managed to track them all down. Lucia Mendez albums are so hard to find! But I love this one in particular.

This album was released in 1983, produced by Honorio Herrero (who also worked with Luis Miguel at this time). It's a trashtastic masterpiece! I even like the ballads! All 2 of them! Lucia or her producers took advantage of her vocal weakness and moulded these songs to fit her and not expose her "debilidad vocal". This album has such gems as "Corazon de fresa" (her first in her trilogy of "Corazon" songs), the aforementioned "Margarita" and the title track. It also has a good ballad which is never on her Greatest Hits CD's titled "Cobarde (Lastima)". Perfection.

Oh Lucia, how hot she once was. Too bad she has not made due with time. Where is she now? What's she doing? nada. Too busy getting surgery I guess. She looks scary now. She got a face lift, her nose done and lips. She does not look the same at all. She looks like a transexual. Jus just look

Pobrecita. See this is why I admire DANIELA ROMO so much. She is not afraid of her age and embraces it. She looks her age and is lovely like that. I'd much rather see wrinkles than the picture above. That's just gross.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Football+gay bar=unrealistic

Yeah, I know there ARE gays who love football, but for those of you who were at Roscoe's last night and actually were looking at the monitors that had the football game (superbowl maybe? I dunno) were at the wrong bar!!!

What gives?! There's slutty dance music (well 80's last night) and everyone's digging it, why the hell would anyone who cares about football be doing at a slutty gay bar?! Get out and go to some straight dive! They ruined my night. Hehehehehe, well I'm being dramatic. After a while, they eventually took it off and played music videos. Thank god they wised up. Damn u"straight-acting" gays

God I hate that term! That one and "metrosexual" are offensive to the human race. First of all because I'm fed up with the sexist mentality of the Gay community where femeninity are looked upon as inferior!. It's the same sexist mindset of hetero males who oppress women. It's not right at all, we're all gay and we all suck dick, drink cum, eat ass and fuck..all in that order or ingenialy mixed up to surprising results. What does it matter if you can pass for "straight"? People who spout the idiotic term "Straight-acting" are self-hating homosexuals. They go out of their way to point out that they can pass for something that THEY ARE NOT. It's like Latinos who spout equally dumb statements like "I can pass for white". All shedding light to self-hatred and not accepting it. That's why we have crappy football games at Roscoe's! And about "Metrosexuals", I just hate the fact that the label exists! It's retarted, again we are so unnaccepting of what it is to be "gay" that when a heterosexual male who cleans up after himselfs and dresses well is automatically called something like that. It's a stupid statement and is just a nice way to whitewash "childish name calling" because that's really what it is. It's not even a word and people are all spouting it out. Can't we all just be? Why label?

Anyway, enough of my rant, even though that adds to the charm of this blog..hehehehe. I had a blast last night at Roscoe's with the one and only Chicagosexbox, Jorge, Alethya, Emily and all the other random strangers I met last night at Roscoe's. It was my boo boo's 2nd birthday outing. Happy birthday! It was for all the important people who couldn't make it to the first outing but were so relevant that we had to do something special with them. Which reminds me, I also met another chicago blogger there whom I had known about since he responds to the other one's blog...and I also respond on a few threads on his blog when he's NOT talking about movies..hahaha. His name is Charlie. See, I acknowledged you on my blog...hmph! Hi y'all!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Underlying prejudices

I find it funny how "straight" people always shine light to their prejudiced mind on homosesuals. I can't say that I blame them, the whole world's been feeding poison to people that everyone who is different is bad. No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves, how many of us judge others who "act" differently, those who we call losers and weirdoes and shit?

Anywho, with "straights" I find it interesting how whenever they talk about a "gay" person or couple they ALWAYS HAVE TO ADD "he's a really nice guy/person". U know, because Gay guys are not nice, they're sexual predators with no soul. They still find it extraordinary and unnatural to be gay that they have to justify their existance by adding that little validating comment. The same when they supposedly defend gay people and add "I have gay friends". If it's really not a big deal you wouldn't go out of your way to point out whenever you speak of them that they are gay. We're in the 50's again...only now it's gay as to before it was black and "interracial couples". 50 years from now, what will be the new prejudiced mentality? Fat people? People who drink? Canadians? The cycle of life always finds something to segregate as unordinary.

That being said, I try my best not to act the same way and think things as "straight", which is ANOTHER problem among gays. It's the exact prejudiced mindset. It's amazing, both parties think themselves different. Gay people separate heteros and the heteros separate gays. We have created a dogma of what it means to "act or be" gay/hetero and one another goes out of their way to label everything. We're destined to make good progress this way, by thinking that each other's sexualities fuels our personalities as different.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

When Will My Dawn Come..

"Cuándo llega mi alborada..cuándo voy a renacer.."

I've been misssing my novela! I've been taping it, and have pnly seen up to last Tuesday of last week. And one of those days I think the tape wasn't in there so I'm missing Friday or something like that. I'm up to where now Hipolita is in love with Luis and Iran castillo's character told her mother she loves Cristobal, the priest.

What's new chirruns? Nothing new on my end at all, just staying afloat. January is almost over, before you know it, summer's here. This will be the same cycle forever until I die. No wonder some weak minds lose control and end their life early, it's a scary prospect to think that life is one moment in perpetuity for eternity.

Out of the promo's I usually get, none ever tend to stick out. Lately I have an exception. Their name is MORNINGWOOD

This is exactly what I needed right now. This is upbeat, 80's influenced punkie pop, ala Yeah YEah YEah's and all those others. They remind me alot of Blondie too, if they were louder. They're just fun. Some of u may know their single, I guess it gets played alot, "The Nth Degree" goes "uh oh here we go! turn on the radio! come on everybody to the nth degree!". They're just fun, u should check them out. Their CD is like hella cheap too. it's one of those 8.99 or less CD's. Totally worth it. I wish them the best.

Other than that, nothing's been going on. I'm still waiting for my forms so I can file my taxes and plot my escape to Spain or Mexico. Hopefully that'll happen within the next month. I need to breathe. That makes me want to sing Lucia Mendez's song "Mexico"...

"Mexico! Mi corazon es de Mexico! Amor de mis amores, jardín de flores, que Dios te guarde con tus favores y el corazon...toda mi vida mi Mexico! Tierra adorada mi Mexico! Quiero tenerte cerca cuando me muera y que la sombra de tu bandera me oculte el sol!"

Un dia con otro, la suerte cambiara.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Follow up on "rodent" problem

Holy shit!

Remember I told you that we had heard something in our pantry and since then it's been closed? And we let the cat in? Ok so he didn't find anything....but now it smells in there?!?! OH NO!!! I'm so scared to have to look in there. I think something died in there! It smells like strong pee stank! What should I do?! How can I make someone go in there and clean it up?! I refuse to do it, I refuse to do it, I refuse to do it! It wouldn't be so bad if I knew where the dead thing is, but the fact that I don't know and that at every corner I look it could be, makes it all more scarier for me.

Help me!! What should I do?! How can I make my landlord get it?!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's your policy

"Well...let's just say I want to put the "stew" back in student!"

Sorry, Simpsons moment again, when Ned Flanders becomes Principal and Jimbo asks a stupid question at the auditorium so they won't go back to class.

What's happening folks? I was off today and chillaxing. It was unseasonably warm today so I took the dog out for a nice long walk and went running afterwards, cuz my little doggie would never run with me, he's a lazy brat and I love him. So I'm realizing now, I forgot to eat today! Has that ever happened to any of you? It's weird, I woke up and did stuff that in the midst of all this I forgot to eat! I only now remembered because I have a headache. I'm currently warming up some broccoli soup, yumm!

How I could forget to eat is beyond me. I guess years of anorexia and bullimia still harbor some of those habits in me..hehehe. Oh well.

Last night it was my man's birthday and we ate Indian food...yummm!! I fucking love Indian food, especially the

Alo Mutter

and Tikka Masala

Yumm, I could eat Indian food all day! When I get rich, I'mma hire an Indian woman who will cook for me everyday...especially naan! love the bread

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Como una gatita llegaré de un salto a tu balcón.."


I'd like to take a minute and say...


It's your birthday today, I hope I'm there to witness many more to come, along with Chus. love you boo boo..

Today I was off and slept in so late...I won't even say, it's embarrasing. I don't like sleeping in so late, but at the same time I do. I hate feeling like my whole day just passed me by...but when I'm off I need to rest! My schedule is so irregular so alot of the times I end up getting 3-5 hours of sleep on a workday, so on my off days I gather up all my sleepiness and knockout for 12 hours :o!

So for a couple days now we've been discovering mouse droppings in our house in different of them was on top of my computer desk!! EEEEEW!! How the fuck do they get up there?! There are no shelves or anything that they cal climp up on! So right now, at this moment actually, I let our neighbours cat inside out apartment, and he's currently inside our pantry, where the other day we heard movement and since then it's been closed. The cat senses something and wanted to go in there so I let him in. The door's opened a crack so if he wants to he can get out, but he hasn't and I'm not about to go in there. I'mm finna let him do his business.

I love how smart cat's are. I can't stand them but they're so smart. The coolest thing ever was one time when I was in front of my mother's house, I was sitting there and noticed a cat...creeping up ever so slowly behind a squirrel. After he got close enough, he did a huge pounce and attacked the squirrel! It was so cool, something out of National Geographic!. So I'm hoping our borrowed kitty gets the job done.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Uptight 10 year old

Hey ho.

Been a while since I've reported myself on here. Hope life is moving along and dragging you along happily with it.

So I hear that the season finale of "South Park" upset Catholics so much that they decided to pull the episode from rotation. "Bloody Mary", the name of the episode, featured a statue of the virgin Mary that bleeds out of her ass. Never in their 8 years on the air have they ever done this, and this is a show that offends EVERYONE. I find it puzzling that Comedy Central caved in, but whatever. This isn't also the first time they've taken a shot at the Catholic church, let's remember the "priest sex scandal" episode where cardinals from around the globe meet to solve their problem: "How do we get the children to keep quiet about child molestation?"

Now that I'm on a "South Park" tangent...2005 has been the year where I got reacquainted with this gem of a television program. I remember watching it when it premiered in 1997 and loved it..then I stopped watchinmg around 1999 or so, when I almost entirely stopped watching TV. Were it not for late night syndicated reruns of the show this year on Channel 26, I would have not been familiar with "South Park". This show's so fucking funny, I can't believe I stopped watching it! I love crude and intelligent humour. It reminds me of how "The Simpsons" used to be.

Seeing all these reruns has made me fall in love with the character "Butters"
He is always the ploy of the other children and is so lovingly naive. He's so adorable and such a dork. He has great lines sometimes, really cheeky innocent but really truthful. Actually....I have said this, but he reminds me of another TV character.."Crystal" from "Roseanne", another TV show I used to watch as a kid and loved. I wonder if "Butters" is based on her? They oth even talk the same! They have a cute country bumpkin accent.

Other than TV...hehehe..nothing else is going on. My man's birthday is Wednesday and I'm planning to give him "a little home cooking". Life's dwindling down for now, before reoccuring once more. January's always like that. Oh, that reminds me of that poem I wrote when I was 10..first one I ever did. I remember that it was an assignment to write a poem in 5th grade, and ever since then, the floodgates in my mind were burst open and I never stopped writing.

"Best present you ever got
from your Holy father God
Life is precious, full of joy
Something that you must enjoy
Someday you'll be grown, you'll die
So enjoy your precious life

I can't believe this silly poem got me an A and in turn inspired me to keep writing. Other poems that I wrote during that time.

"When we walk the playground, the children is that merry sound
We then might have had no fears and cried alot of tears
We ran and ran and played kick the can
We played on swings, Wow! we felt like kings!
But then we grew but we always knew
That this time in life we'll always keep in mind

Hahaha...11 years old and sounding like an old bitty reflecting on life. God I had so many issues back then, it's a miracle I turned out fine. Opening up the door to my childhood is enough to talk about I'll just end it here. I shall entertain you some more in the near future. In the mean time, peace out! Love to one another

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hey ho, yo!

I sit here thinking about the upcoming months. I just feel like I have nothing to look forward to, which is not good. So what I'm doing is waiting for all my w2 forms and shit to come through, file my taxes..and when I'm done with that..plot a vacation! I need some time off so bad. 2005 in many ways was a nightmare. I spent the first half unemployed and the rest of it living paycheck to paycheck. I need a new job but before I do that, I want to take a couple of weeks off. I should have enough money to get a paid vacation, even if only partial. Where should I go? I want to do some shopping. That and I miss my Mexico, lindo y querido. I'd love to go back to Guadalajara or Mexico City. Or maybe even somewhere new. Anywhere with record stores, haahaaa.

U know I had this thought in mind....Have there ever been disabled pop singers? I find it hard to imagine that the world is so shallow that no one has ever been able to succeed if disabled. I can think of BLIND singers, but none other. In
Mexico, the lead singer of LOS YONICS is disabled..and then there's NELSON NED, who is a midget. Is Mexico the only place who can look past that? I find it hard to believe.

Oh well, I leave you all with my mind-boggling question.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Re-Rewind and Stupid Americans

Happy 2006!

I hope everyone had a happy ringing in of the new year. Mine was pretty low key. I spent it at home with my boo drinking and watching movies. Hurrah. But I also didn't ant to go out there u have it.

So other than that, nothing's new. I'm hoping 2006 is a great year for me. I'm very happy with my life, despite people's judgement of my life and assuming I'm not. You know that always bothers me about society. People put pressure on people, especially younger folks, to achieve a certain level of "success" by a certain point or age in your life. It's almost as if you're set on living on an hourglass and by the time you reach 20,21,22..etc you're expected to be making this much money, have this position or own this or that. It's ridiculous. What about people who are indifferent to that lifestyle? Or what if people's goals don't involve any of these factors that society deems important? It is because of that that we have 20somethings on medication, therapy and having quarter-life crises at such an early stage in life. Thank God I stopped caring years ago about shit like that. I used to be super hard on myself about things like that, COMPARING other people's lives to myself and feeling down or upset at myself for not being where others that are my age are. People like that just end up living unhappy lives because their lives will never compare to others, no matter how good you have it. And also, People like that end up projecting their insecurities unto others and always end up judging others by making silly observations on the other's "life" and end up sounding like an asshole because none of their comments have no logic behind it. Mmm hmm, It's like "the grass is always greener on the other side".

Oh boy, I had a dumb American moment the other day! I'm awful. I ordered lunch at Sinbad's, a Middle-eastern restaurant. I called and the lady had a big and heavy accent. I swear I normally don't have a problem with accents, all I do is listen attentively and for the most part can make out what they're saying. I ordered my food, and noticed on the menu for any sandwhich it said "add hummus for 1.00". So I told her "can I get the hummus on the side?". And I thought she said "ok""..but like I said, I couldn't understand what she said...and stupid me was like "yes, ok...uh huh". How bad. Anyway, so I go to pick up my food, and I noticed my fee was like 11.00! I'm like..."whoa! I thought it was 4.99 plus 1.00 for the hummus?". She said "well that's why I asked if u wanted on the sandwich or on side. It's 1.00 on sandwich but on the side it'll be charged as a side order of 4.99". So I boldly told her, "Well I couldn't understand what you were saying. Oh no! I felt awful! She looked at me like, "what a jerk!". But I couldn't lie! It was the truth! So she ended up charging me for the sandwich and giving me the Hummus. I was really nice about it and even apologized, though it wasn't my fault for the misunderstanding. I swear I never have a problem with foreigners or accents, in fact I welcome diversity. I didn't mean to come off as a dumb typical American who subtitles everyone who doesn't sound like they came out of Michigan.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

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