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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So sorry for no updates. I've just been absent minded running about. I promise I will give a more detailed posting later today or tomorrow as to why exactly I find myself with little to no time to sit down and write my thoughts.

Thanks for coming back here and checking to see if I have updates! I love you too!

Friday, October 05, 2007

You Heartless Bitch!


Quickly communicating with ch'all! Thanks for coming. So its very early in the morning of Friday, just got to work and am ready to go.

So, this morning as usual, I go get my coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and people are outside begging. I never ever give these folks money because, well I know better frankly as "heartless" as that sounds. Anywho today I figured "what the hey". I had a few cents in my pocket so I dropped it inside someone's cup. I was not expecting a thank you at all..I mean it is MY spare change that I am sparing right? Well what does the fucker do? He says "come on man!". And I ignore it. On my way out, he asks me again only this time I ignore and keep moving. So what does he do? He grabs whatever change that he gets out of his cup, throws it (at my direction probably) and says "next time don't even bother!".

So, as usual I have my opinions and today was not a disappointing exception, it was reality. As he suggested I won't bother at all next time. These crackheads are there for a reason, they are delusional in thinking the world owes them anything other than a breath of air and are incapable of communicating with the human race. That is why they are stuck where they are and are there until God gives them death or a miraculous exception.

Next time I get accused of being a "heartless bitch" I'll have to recommend folks to give a bum a dime and see what he tells ya.
OOR a muffin which is another post. I had a similiar experience.

Anywho, happy Friday, happy October and toodles! hasta pronto queridos!

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