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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ever wonder what they be sayin' on the streefs?

Now's your chance!

Omg, such a great site! I'm sure its updated daily, lol! It has slang from all over the world, including Spanish!!

To put it to the test, I decided to look up one of my favourite Mexican phrases.."Hijo de la chingada!!"

"1. Hijo de La Chingada
27 up, 2 down
a fucking bastard, a motherfucker. About the worst thing you can call someone in Spanish, especially in Mexico.

¡voy a matarte, hijo de la chingada!"

I LOVE it! Bookmark this site guys, you may need it in the future for entertainment purposes

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Spanish" Actress who CAN indeed sing!

It's no secret in Latin America or even Spain that every actor tries to sing and every singer tries to act. It's just a common marriage of the "arts" in these territories. Very few of them actually manage to get away with it and reveal amazing talents! Here is a list of the few whom I adore and decided to share and discuss for your entertainment. The songs here are on rapidshare format so these links won't expire.

Alejandra Avalos

She started out acting in the mid 80's and recorded her first album in 1989. Even though not alot of people may remember her singing career or even knew of it, she has a few songs that she's known for by music lovers (and queens). You all may know her from her telenovelas "Tenias Que Ser Tu", "Soñadoras" or most recently "Apuesta Por Un Amor".

Take a listen!
Amor Fasciname - Alejandra Avalos

Laura Flores

I always thought Laura was ugly, has a weird face and have never been a fan of her telenovelas. But she does possess a decent and quite lovely singing voice. She's no Mariah Carey but she's somewhere between Pandora and Tatiana. I like that she's kept her career going despite the fact the last known "hit" for her was the theme song to her very popular telenovela "El Alma No Tiene Color". The song I am sharing was written by Joan Sebastian.

Take a listen!
Desamor - Laura Flores

Alicia Machado

Alright, well she didn't exactly start off as an "actress" per se, but this Venezuelan lovely was Miss Universe 1997 and became famous after gaining 30lbs shortly after her coronation and Donald Trump threatened to take away her crown if she didn't lose those pounds. The feminists had plenty of scraps to feed off with this story. She then became an actress and finally recorded her only album (so far) in 2004. I loved it!! She has a husky voice but very feminine. Quite powerful. She's somewhere between Sheryl Crow and Maria Conchita Alonso, whom she is frequently compared to.

Take a listen!
Fuiste Tu El Primero - Alicia Machado

Maria Conchita Alonso

Maria Conchita! You all may remember her as a B-actress in Hollywood films, but she started off in music rather early in the early 80's with her Disco project Ambar (with future pop star Rudy La Scala). She recorded her debut album in 1982 and slowly started having a series of classic hits that to this day are played on Spanish radio. She has a lovely deep and raspy voice, reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler. I love it! This song I am sharing is my favourite from her 1985 album "O Ella O Yo"

Take a listen!
Ciao Goodbye - Maria Conchita Alonso

Raquel Olmedo

Omg, this is the EPITOME of the actress who has widely uknown singing skills! Such a great singer with her own style. She had some hits in the late 70's and has pretty much given up on her singing career. You all may remember her as the villain in "Barrera De Amor" or in "Esmeralda" and "Piel De Otoño". She's a great actress with a distinctive voice and a lovely voice!

Take a listen!
He Dejado Todo Por Ti - Raquel Olmedo

Chantal Andere

Daughter of legend Jacqueline Andere, even though she did not inherit her mother's good looks (she was gorgeous when young), she certainly has another talent..SINGING! Chantal came and went as a singer in the 90's and didn't really have any hits. Such a shame, she has quite a nice voice. She has since focused on telenovelas and acting, most of the time playing villains. She acted with the aforementioned Raquel Olmedo on "Barrera De Amor" as well. Check out this rare and lovely ballad.

Take a listen!
Contigo El Amor Es Mucho Mas - Chantal Andere

Rocío Banquells

So this may be one of the cases where you didn't know she acted or simply don't know her at all! The daughter of the late Mexican legend Rafael Banquells (whom also fathered Sylvia Pasquel). She began her career as a young actress and excelled at playing villains, most notably on the now classic telenovela "Los Ricos También Lloran" with Veronica Castro. But she didn't release a record until 1981 and achieved her real first hit in 1985. She has an AMAZING voice and one of the strongest I've heard in Mexican pop. I find it amazing how singing was her second career, she obviously was born with talent. You may also know her from the Spanish version of "Beauty and The Beast". She sang the duet with Mijares. The song I am sharing is a lovely cover of "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette

Take a listen!
Pudo Ser Amor (It Must Have Been Love) - Rocio Banquells

And of course...I can't do a post about Spanish actresses who can sing without talking about the obvious..the lovely, my favourite female singer and quite the artist..

Daniela Romo

You may only know her as a singer or you may only know her as an actress. But this talented woman started off her career very early in the late 70's doing telenovelas and a few theatre productions. She has since capped off an amazing career balancing out acting and singing on stage, on film and on television. She is incredible.

She is currently starring in her own production of the musical "Victor Victoria". The song I am including is taken from that musical! I hope you enjoy it! It's proof that Daniela Romo is still on top of her game.

Vivo Entre Las Sombras - Daniela Romo (from the Mexican production of "Victor Victoria")

I hope you enjoyed my list children. Please comment on what you have heard here! Ta ta and thank you all for reading!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Que onda mi publico??

I've missed you all. I've been in a weird state lately. I've been dealing with alot of anxieties and panic attacks and have had trouble dealing. I still feel funny about leaving the house and trying to slowly move on.

Today I had a really good job interview at Lincoln Park Hospital for a 2nd shift position. It was quite the challenge to leave the house for the hour that I was gone but I did it. I don't know how I'll be if I get this job, even though I would start at 4:00PM. I guess I'll just have to stop worrying or die trying.

On another (unimportant) note, "Rosa Salvaje", the reruns they show of the 1987 telenovela on Telefutura at 7AM, is ending next tuesday the 29th :(. It's been getting real good :). But unfortunately, the telenovela taking its spot is not an 80's classic like this one, but rather a newer one. "Amar Otra Vez" starring Irán Castillo and Valentino "Empapa Chochas" Lanús. Oh well. Anyone seen this and if so, is it good??

Here's the intro. The song is "Tu Fotografia" by Gloria Estefan

Well, that's it for me kiddies. Thank u for reading, hasta la proxima vez, les quiero.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Day of Scares

So on Monday afternoon, at around 4:00PM, I was home and chilling and about to take Chus (my dog) out for a walk when something scary happened: Someone broke into our apartment thinking no one was home!

It was in fact really scary and confusing at the same time. I was in the kitchen with my stereo on listening to Angelfish (Shirley Manson's first band) making coffee. I wouldn't even have heard had Chus not ran to the front door arising from his usual routine of daytime slumber. When I arrived there, I heard three huge thuds at the door, then it slammed open and some bald cholo with a crowbar wearing a brown t-shirt and jean shorts came in. He saw me and honestly I don't remember if I said anything or not but he ran away immediately. I didn't know how to react as I didn't know what the situation was. Was he alone, did he have a weapon? Was he going to attack me?

My first instinct was to protect Chus and when he ran, I didn't know if he was alone and others were going to come so I tried my best to secure the door and run to the phone to call 9-1-1.

So now, we have a new set of 2 locks for our inner front door and a new lock to tide us over until we get a whole new door installed on Saturday. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified to leave the house.

It's really funny how things work out. Since it was Mother's Day, I was supposed to go visit my mother on Monday. She was to call me in the morning to let me know if she was going to be available and she never did so I never went. So I was almost not going to be home. I don't even have the strenth to imagine what would have happened had I not been home...I can't. Everything happens for a reason though. God didn't want me to go anywhere.

I actually didn't go to work today and was called by the agency for an assignment. I don't feel comfortable leaving Chus all alone all day right now and will probably stay here all week. I'd like to think this is only a temporary panic because I won't be able to live with fear like this. I'm afraid to leave the house and leaving him all alone. What if they either steal him or in the attempt to burglarize do something awful to him to control him....God, I was a wreck after all that I didn't even want to think of all the thousands of "what if's" that came to mind.. If I didn't have Chus I honestly wouldn't even be 1/4 as scared as I am. Stuff and material possesions are just things, Chus is a part of my life as important to me as breathing. I can't imagine him not being with us.

Crazy. This is the first time ever something like this has happened to me. I'm just glad nothing serious happened and what are the odds the idiot will try to do this again? I hope since he was I was home at 4:00PM on a weekday he will assume I'll be here all the time.

I'm scared. Hug me.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring break!

So I was off for one whole week involuntarily. My one project of 3 weeks ended, then I didn't have anything new. And I got a call about the same place and I'm back today for at least 2 more days :). Joy! 2 more days of pay! hopefully I'll get something more prolonged now.

At my current position, the reason why my project ended was because they ended up hiring a full-time receptionist. But like I thought, they wanted someone with real estate background to assist the agents, which I obviously don't have. But its not like I can't learn. I'd like to think I was doing a good job with my ignorance of the field. I mean why else would they have wanted me back as a temp?

Anywho, that's what I'm doing today. I hardly slept last night. In fact I don't even think I did at all. I'm exhaused but I will make it work.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I'm never drinking again!! Ugh...

Last night I went out, oblivious of the fact it was Cinco De Mayo. I got to Boystown and was wondering why everyone looked like Huarachín y Huarachón. Then it hit me. Such a bad Mexican-American I am (as its only a big deal to pochos).

Anywho, I drank 5 Vodka gimlets that were super strong and woke up feeling and looking like death. I'm never never drinking again! I had fun though, I didn't even think I was that drunk but man oh man did I feel the vodka's wrath today. When I got my stomach to calm down, I scarfed down a greasy double cheeseburger and fries and felt much better.

Flash forward to pride 2007 when I'm repeating it all over again. lol

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ay, ay, ay..cómo me duele!

My left foot hurts!!

I went running on Tuesday night, and yesterday sometime in the afternoon. I started feeling a pain on my left foot that just got worst and worst. I don't think I sprained my ankle, as that's not what hurts. It's the middle part of it where the pain is coming.

Today I feel a tad better but still in pain. I was going to go out and do stuff but I can't now.

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