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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Episode IV - A New Hope

Happy new year gents!!!

I've been off enjoying myself for this past week. i havent worked since the 29th but I went back today. I feel like my Xmas break is over now. Oh well.

How was your shindigs this year? Mine was fun even though I DID NOT GET DRUNK! That was my plan for the night but it just didn't happen! Earlier that day I had Indian buffet, perhaps that fod swallowed all my buzz? Either way, I had fun being silly at a house party and such and such.

I am so looking forward to 2008. Seriously. I feel that perhaps I can have a full year of knowing where I will be, having a somewhat stead income, going to work daily and also venture out into other areas. The world is my oyster and I demand on not letting the damn thing go bad, I'm keeping this oyster fresh! reference. Oh sorry, crustacea.

Anywho folks, thanks for reading and stay tuned!!


I didn't get drunk either. I even took a cab to the bar, but nothing. I made up for it this Tuesday though.

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