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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Chris Cagle

Goddayum is this man FINE!!!!!

Holy shit. Ask me if I even know any of his songs but I do know him. GRRRRRR! He is so fucking fine! I want Chris Cagle to come churn my butter!! Grrrr!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

MTV TR3S..did I miss something?

Am I completely out of the loop as an American citizen of latino descent that I find this channel disturbing??

Mtv has just launched their "bilingual" channel that caters to contemporary pop music with a "latino" flair. The reason why I put the in quotation is because they neither speak English nor Spanish. I've been watching this channel for an hour now and I hear chopped sentences that mix English and Spanish. That and I've already heard a racist remark from Jeannie Ortega talking about "white parties" and how "they" are so boring and we're not.

I as a Latino find this kind of speech patters annoying. Americans think we as latinoes don't speak English to begin with and to speak it improperly isn't helping. And the Spanish territories look down on us as Latinoes in the USA as we aren't "real" and the fact that we're murdering the language by not speaking either language furthers feeds this. I always feel we should try to live as one another and be people yet this constant attempts at dividing people as "us" and "them" is incredibly detrimental to us and furthering the decay of our Latino american culture.

This channel is presenting a negative perspective on us. Their intent is to mass-market our supposed Latino culture but all they're doing is trying to make us look like caricatures as opposed to people WHO INDEED HAVE SOMETHING INTELLIGENT TO SAY. Am I really missing something here where I find this image as us as Latinoes in the USA disturbing?? If this is indeed our future, lets top it right now. This is like Blaxploitation in the 70's.

We need to do something about this and try to fix this. MTV TR3s is making us look like idiots who are incapable of forming real thoughts. I say we should all write to the media and present our argument and by us, I'm refering to the intelligent people of Latin American background in this country who object to being marketed as cartoon characters incapable of speaking one language right.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ahi viene...


My god...I hadn't seen this in years!! This show was a staple of my childhood saturday nights. Look at that booty! Its obnoxious! How can a fat ass like that be on a woman that size??

I guess this would be the difference between a "fat ass woman" and a "woman with a fat ass".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politically correct.

I feel that as a society, we can learn alot by studying social behavior and trends of the past. They can help us understand ourselves as people and the circumstances of that time. Prior to the civil rights movements, American society ridiculed ethnicities as a form of entertainment and was never questioned. We of course now know better, or so we think.

Prior to the "politically correct era" of the 90's, this kind of behavior was still present in many forms, only that instead of direct ridiculing, it was moreso on public behavior. Guns, cigarrette smoking, violence on television was still deemed appropriate and never questioned the effect on children. Remember those toy guns and candy cigarrettes? Apparently they're responsible for our violent behavior and our need for vices. We don't know how accurate that is but we chose to omit this from our children's view.

Did banning such behavior really make you want to shoot a gun or smoke a cigarrette? Of course not, because you knew better and like any kid, you asked questions. If children don't see this kind of behavior and register its existance in society, how can they ever know the effects of it?

So there is where we fall into those problems again and our youth engage in these activities.

I feel the same towards the topic of discussion I mentioned in my first paragraph: the use of imagery to ridicule ethnicities in the form of entertainment. I'll use this form: Blackface

Blackface, for whatever reason, became a standard of minstrel shows during most of the early part of the 20th century. A white person would wear such features to "resemble" a typical coloured person and engage in that kind of speech. This was all too common and until colored folks stood up and said "that's enough", people then saw that you can't merely paint people like that. The imagery was deemed innapropriate and rightfdully so.

However, now a days people never discuss this in schools or in the media. Society has chosen to white wash the racist trends of the past and pretend to our kids as this kind of mentality never what has happened? We've fallen again into a trap. But nowadays the caricatures are "homosexuals". Look at movies, or even "Will & Grace". "Gay" doesn't acts. Gay has no say, gay makes the punchlines or in some cases IS the punchline. Society seems to think that the fact that gay is even on the map is a step forward but really..what kind of step are we talking about? Where are we going?

Aside from the sexuality, once we resolve this issue, it'll come back in another form. So instead of debating, we should just reflect and see why people do the things they do.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm not rude

I really am not. I don't understand why people think this of me.

I am bold and frank and tend to speak without a filter...but I have a grasp on proper tact and I know how to say things. Rude people do not think at all and are irrational.

Just because I'm direct and honest doesn't mean that I'm just means I know what I want. People who think I'm rude for acting this way have their own issues with society to deal with and can't hold it against people like me.

Tah. Feel free to comment. Be as "bold and frank" as you want.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Feeling so disabled

Howdy folks and happy Friday (and November for that matter). Nothing new on my end, still looking to jump ship from work but no sights yet.:(. There's this hair saloon that was interested but only for Mondays. And well Best Buy hasn't called me back and the staffing agency isn't doing anything for me. So I have to just keep my chin up. I feel so crippled sometimes but I can't just sit still and watch things zoom by.

U know, I was just remembering something. I'm not as "cold hearted" as some people might think I am. I may be rude and bold..but I'm compassionate. And whenever I see crippled people talking and what not, I don't get uncomfortable, I don't run and hide..but it makes me feel sad. This is a reaction that people with handicaps DO NOT want you to have towards them. I can't help it. It's not because I feel sorry for them, why would I feel sorry for someone for something they couldn't control. If anything..I feel sorry because people like to put these kinds of people on the sidelines and not treat them like an average person. Its as if people think they're all retarded. People immediately react to them if they can't enunciate properly or ar mumbling because of muscle conditions. I treat people just the same but I feel bad that they're put in this sort of category with "special people". I'm sure they're capable of things that the average joe can't. Its almost as if living in a cage and not being able to act out in the way you want to. But their cage is their disabled body.

Anyway..sorry for my sensitive rambling. That's how I've been feeling lately.

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