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Monday, July 31, 2006

Raquel Olmedo

For years, I have admired this great Cuban-Mexican actress. But only recently did I find out she has a SINGING CAREER!

She was born and raised in Cuba but moved to Mexico in the 60's, where she now resides and workd. I first discovered her at a very young age in 2 productions. The first..she played Vicente Fernandez's mother in his movie "El Arracadas". That movie was about his parents, who were both doctors yet he grew up to be a ranchero, hahaha. Anywho, his doctor parents fled their town when they were young because they were operating on the son of a very powerful drug lord and their son didn't make it. Fearing they would be blamed for it, they had fled and everything was good and dandy, until the day years later that they found him. Vicente's father was savagely murdered and Raquel Olmedo asked her son to avenge his death, giving him her gold earring (el arracada) to wear. Trashy! But even then, she played a good job.

Then in 1988, she played a very important character in one of my childhood novelas "Encadenados" starring Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita. So since then,, I had been following her stuff and was more likely to watch a movie or novelas starring her.

Most recently, she can be seen in "Barrera de amor". She plays Doña Jacinta.

SO for years that I followed her career..I never knew that she sang, until I accidentally found one of her records on eBay.

I just got it not too long ago and I loved it! Her voice is so unique. It's very deep and powerful. Apparently she recorded a few albums and in 1975 she had a popular one called "Mitad mujer, mitad gaviota". She recorded it after the sucess of her telenovela "Lo imperdonable" that year, and toured all over the country and Latin America promoting it. This last record is STILL in print in Mexico, I think that is so cool! It must have sold well in order for it to still be available.

I'm intrigued, I must find the rest of her records! She is a very talented lady indeed! I thought she was a great actress, but now my respect for her has octupled. She also happens to be GAY as well, though its rarely ever written about. Good for her! We need more lesbians out there. I think she's really pretty too! She was born in 1939 and I think she looks great to be 67.

As a treat to you guys, I have posted a song of hers "Esta es mi vida". Download this song and tell me what u think! It's a disco track almost and the lyrics hint at "oppresion". De que, de ser lesbiana? Quién sabe.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Danielle Harris as "Chava

Chava, eres tú!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reality check

Howdy folks,

It's been a nice, slow week almost. Nothing major on my part. I finally got my ass out to a non-CD store and bought something I desperately needed...CLOTHES! I still don't have any summer clothes and I was getting bored of the shit I owned. So I bought some shit to make me look as adorable as I can be. Other than that, nothing else. I was excited, as you guys may remember from my previous post, that "Animaniacs" came out on DVD so I've been watching that :).

I know this may come off as a "deja lú" (that's French for "already read"), but I am going to put myself back in the mode of "looking for a new job". I was looking for a while, but I "conformed" working at the the job I have now. Moreso because there are 8 things that are important in a job, and I liked 7 out of 8 about this one. What are these things? Well, they are

1. You are happy/content with what you do

2. The management/bosses and you understand each other

3. It pays well enough for you to support yourself

4. The benefits

5. A decent work schedule

6. It doesn't drain your energy from your personal life

7. Room for advancement

8. The travel time is not too long

At my last job (Medical center), I liked 1 out of 8 things...and at my current position, I like all but one. And that is #3. I get an almost embarrassing pay rate at this place, yet I make things meet. I pride myself in that, but I'd be lying if I said I don't struggle. And should I ever need a hand, I am so happy to have an understanding partner. I love you boo boo! Besides, I get promotional shit for free at my job, that goes well with #4 on this list. :)

Oh well. THANKS FOR READING. I love you all.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Reverse camel toe we went to have breakfast at this local dinner that seems to only be open for lunch and breakfast. Their hours are 5:30-5:00PM. We sat down and our waitress lady, some older PR lady in her 50's maybe, came by. She was nice, we ordered and when she turns away..I was appalled at what I saw. She had a REVERSE camel toe.

"What is that?" may be asking..well she had her underwear that didnt fit her anymore making a crease on her butt, so it was splitting her cheeks in half, making it look like she had 4 ass cheeks. Eeeeeew! I wish I had a pic of it, it was gross. I wanted to say something. I mean gurl..If you're going to wear tight pants like that, wear FITTING pants or appropriate undergarments.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Scary ass people here for Gay Games

Quickie post, sorry

This whole week I have seen so many scary looking people. They're here all week shopping and walking about cuz they're here for the Gay Games. Queens who look in their 50's and look like they shop at Prince and Liberace garage sales with facial hair like John Waters. Surprise, surprise..most of them are from Michigan, Kentucky, North Dakota and other random loser states that no one ever visits. Good for them..but dayum! I can't imagine their scary asses intergrating themselves to society looking like that.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Alborada on DVD

Hey hey,

In case u guys were interested...the Telenovela hit "Alborada" starring Lucero and my diva, Daniela Romo as the evil Doña Juana, will be out on DVD on October, 17, 2006. It will consist of 2 DVDs at 5 hours each.

I know that lots of people complain about these DVDs not being complete, but I insist that they are still worth your time. They cut off all the bullshit scenes and only focus on the stories. Occasionally they fuck up but rarely does it ever affect the story line. I missed alot of the last quarter of Alborada, so I hope to catch up on all the crap I missed. And I'm hoping they kept alot of Daniela's scenes. Especially when she got all evil and would beat people.

Also noting, you may remember my previous entry about this, but they are releasing in the States my favourite from this series..."Amarte Es Mi Pecado". I LOVED this was entertaining to say the least. The characters were insane and you couldn't help but want to keep watching.

Remember, October 17, 2006 for both

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Scandal feat. Patty Smyth

One of my favourite "80's acts" are the group Scandal. I remember the day I discovered them. Beavis and Butt-head actually saw their video for "Goodbye to you".:). I think they commented on how she looked like Linda Ronstadt and were singing "Goodbye to poop!". Funny. But then Vh-1 featured this video alot on their "Big 80's" hour. I loved this song and its energy. What also captivated me was the power behind their lead singers' voice, Patty Smyth

Scandal had a very short run in the music world. They formed in 1980 and released their first recording in 1982, an EP of 5 songs on Columbia Records. This EP included the aforementioned clip and another minor hit "Love's Got A Line On You". They then released their debut album in 1984, this time being credited as "Scandal feat. Patty Smyth". Why did they do this? Because...Columbia was planning on having her as a solo act. They saw her star potential and basically made her stand out even more so and detaching her away from her own band. Its safe to say that this damaged the band severely. The achieved a monster hit that year with "The Warrior", peaking at #7 and to this day being an oldie favourite for 80's radio stations. Shortly thereafter, member after member left the group and it was just Patty.

Patty's career however, never fared better than her former group. She has ONLY RELEASED 2 ALBUMS since. Her debut came and went in 1987 which spawned no hit singles..and then in 1992 she released a self titled record on MCA and achieved her one and only Top 10 single with "Sometime Love Just Aint Enough". This song peaked at#2 and seemed to give Patty the attention she deserved. I remember this video being played TO DEATH on Vh-1. But alas, she has yet to release a follow up album! She chose to pay attention to her growing family and husband.

Vh-1 is releasing a series of compilations on July 18,2006 titled "We Are The 80's" and are featuring Scandal as one of them. The AMAZING thing about this compilation is that they are including ALL FIVE SONGS from their debut EP, so finally they are available on CD. AND.....they are including 4 previously unreleased tracks from the sessions of their its almost like they're releasing what should have been their debut album on CD. It's great! So if you want to get into them, this is a crucial item.

This group is the shit, I love them! For days when you want great upbeat songs, I pop in Scandal. Vh-1 did a "Bands Reunited" on them and I have yet to see it. Apparently it worked and they did a small tour. Another thing worth nothing, for u guys who didn't know...but apparently in 1985, Eddie Van Halen asked her to be his new lead singer after David Lee Roth left..and declined! She and his wife Valerie Bertinelli were good friends and that is how she came to know him. So when they fired David Lee Roth, she was his first choice. Oh well.

Here is a collection of Scandal and Patty Smyth videoclips I got from Hope you enjoy them, they are 80's riffic!




Patty Smyth Solo



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Garage Sale-ing

Hey folks

I haven't written in a week, I apoligize to all my fans! It's been crazy. First there was my sickness, then I had severe back pain and could barely stand up...then I had chronic nose bleeding for 2 days..and then I had 2 days of 12-13 hour shifts at work. So there was little time for a mind check, let alone net time.

Everything's been cool. This next week, Salvador is coming to visit us all the way from the West Coast. Hope he enjoys us and that we don't scare him off. We have so much junk in the house that we are planning on having a yard sale. I have a feeling that most of the shit I'll sell will be CD's and vinyl. I'm sure some neighborhood hipster or random Mexican familywill buy it.

This reminds me of my childhood. I think that it's a family activity that every Mexican household engages upon and that is GOING TO GARAGE SALES. Guys, my family would wake up at 7AM every saturday and DRIVE to the suburbs looking for people who are getting rid of their junk. I think about 70% of my clothing as a kid came from garage u may have seen me wearing some old ass T-shirt from some Glenview, IL grade school's logo. It wasn't just my family, it was my whole hood. It seemed like it was the common every week thing. They even had a term for it.."Garacheando". Obviously u can tell that it is neither a word nor a real term, it's a Spanglish play on the activity. But the only good thing that I liked about garage sales is that it would be the only time we would eat out. Most of the times we'd go to a Ponderosa or a steak house, as my father is (or was, who knows about now) a hardcore steak lover.

So yes, when I have my yard sale, I will look out towards that bored little boy coming with his family of 12 looking to find this year's school uniform or Christmas present among my junk, just as my family and many other Mexicans did too

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

"Happy birthday, happy 4th of july! I hope you enjoy your boston bean pie!"

Sorry, remembering this random line from the TV show "A Different World". There was an episode where it was Whitley's birthday and she was expecting something big from Dwayne . So he fools her by taking her to some soul food restaurant where they give her a bean pie for her birthday..and the old black lady lights up her cigarrette using the pie's candle before she gives it to her...hahahaha.

She ends up getting a big surprise party, for those of u who needed closure on that anecdote.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Inferiority complex

I don't know why I'm thinking about this right now..but I am.

Ever since I was like 7 or so, I had suffered from a great deal of mental conditions. One of them was my "inferiority complex". I would always put myself down and never attempt to achieve anything in school out of fear of success and feeling like I didn't deserve anything good in life. And suprisingly, my parents never seemed to notice anything wrong with me. They were directly responsible, now that I look back at it. Both of them were too busy working out their problems and both my parents worked at that time. I'm sure it wasn't their intention and I am not angry at them, but they could have done so much to me by just giving me a bit of support and attention as a child.

It grew so bad that I remember being accepted to some arts program at the Art Institute of Chicago when I was 11 or so and I never told my parents because "they'd never want to pay anything for me.". I guess I had some talent back then, I don't know. Most of my childhood is a blur anyway and I try not to pick my brain out for tortureous details.

Up until a few years ago, I still suffered from that. I would purposely put myself out in dangerous situations, such as one night stands, drinking binges and other stuff because I felt I didn't deserve any better and would be lucky if I died. Horrible. But I'm not sure what happened, and I'm sure it sounds corny, but I truly believe God was with me this whole time. While I still don't feel I am living to my full potential as a person and as a fitting member of society, I can now say that I am happy with who I am, I love the crazy things and details about myself that make me who I am and more importantly, I'm happy to be able to wake up everyday.

Sorry about this ramble here, I think the cough syrup is playing tricks on me..*cough*

Yo the cubs!

This is a warning to unsuspecting and apathetic queens like myself on sports: Never wear a team jersey or other shirt or else random idiots will talk to you.

So I'm still sick, trying to recover. I woke up today, drank water, went back to bed, got up later, drank water & medicine, went back to bed and then finally got up at around 2:00 P.M. Since it was pouring this morning, my boo boo asked me to take out our baby for a walk since he didn't want to go outside this morning and may need to go potty. So I did. I put on this old ass shirt that I've had since I was 10 of the Chicago Cubs (for those even more ignorant than me, they are a baseball team). First when walking Chus, some dude made this comment that to me sounded foreign. Asking me about some dude's play yesterday.....? I'm like "say waaaaa". I was like, Oh I don't know nothing bout the cubs dude. hahaha.

Then just now, I finally made my way to the post office because all this week I've been letting my eBay packages accumulate and with the sickness I didn't have time to go. So I did. And THREE other people made comments about the Cubs. Only this time, some were like "The cubs suck, white sox man!" or some other shit. One of those instances, it was some fat bitch..and I'm not sure if she heard me as I am sick and tend to speak softly, but I said "yeah I'm also a fan of diet and exercise, are you?".

So you see fellow homosexuals...There are weirdoes out there who will talk to you if wearing a sport shirt. I felt like I was in drag today..something foreign that transformed me into something I'm not. :P

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