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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Watch out cuz here we come.

Howdy guys. Happy winter solstice!

This week has been such a long week for me at work. And it still won't stop for me, I have to work Christmas eve morning for a measly 4.5 hours. Jesus, why bother? But I guess working where I work you have to be open in case of emergencies. But what a long week, it seems like people only have emergencies on the weekends or the very last minute the clinic is open :) Oh well.

That being said, i've been still trying to finish up my minimal Christmas shopping to people. I'm not going to be buried in Christmas shoppers so I kept my things a a minimal. I bought just little things, knick knacks, a CD to those close to me just to let them know I acknowledge them. As for me receiving Xmas gifts, I never count on them and I never expect them but if I receive one, whether an Xmas card or money, I am totally appreciative.

Also, this weekend I saw the new CGI movie "Alvin & The Chipmunks"

Not sure why I caved in. Maybe because they were an important figure of my childhood. So many of the 80's songs I know are because of the Chipmunks. But the movie was surprisingly cute and not overtly sugary and "Disney". It was entertaining. It's interesting how the Chipmunks make a comeback every 20 years. In the 60's..the 80's and now the 00's. The only interesting thing about this movie is their realistic size in the movie, as in the cartoon they were the size of human children! So they decided to make it somewhat closer to plausibility even though they're talking chipmunks. I think the cutest moment had to have been the Alvin singing in the shower clip. That made me giggle.

So in a little while I will be posting my favourite moments of 2007 and my musical picks for this year. Thanks for reading and may you be at peace at the moment of reading this.

Today's word is "TIERNO"
And it means "cute (literal def=tender)"

"Tiene una carita tan tierna!" = "He has such a cute little face!"

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