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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hey folks.

Happy black history month! Hope you are all out learning new things about our African-origined brothers. As for me, I've been up to the same old. Waiting patiently for my tax return. I'm holding on to the extra money, for whatever reason my refund was bigger than normal. Maybe my unemployment helped? I dunno the reasoning but I'm not arguing it. But I am however going to finally enter the 2000's and buy me an iPod :) . I have no issues listening to good ole CD's, but the reality is that times are changing and realistically it's getting harder and harder to go somewhere and buy a CD you're looking for that's not a Top 40 album u can find at Target. And our society nowadays listens to music through the computer as a primary source now so I have to evolve with the times and buy an iPod as I too listen to most of my "new" music thru the computer. That isn't to say I don't still buy CD's, shit I even still buy vinyl! But the times they are-a-becoming-quite-different. I was looking into the different mp3 players and for Macs really they don't seem to make alot of options for them. Most of the "lesser" mp3 players are PC only and even though Zunes (the Microsoft attempt at the iPod market) are Mac friendly now, they are not that much cheaper than an iPod. So why get a bootleg iPod when for 50.00 more I can buy a real one?

So that's that. The other thing that's been keeping me busy is my new music blog!. This is something that I have been meaning to do for the longest time. It's an all-Spanish blog dedicated to all my FLOP artists or flop albums that the public either missed or were oblivious to at the times of their release. So my blog celebrates the good music (at least in my opinion) that deserves a shot. Sorry to my spanish-impaired readers who cannot understand what's written there, but it basically states "where you'll find careers or certain projects that you never knew!".


Welcome to 5 years ago! LOL

Hehehe..yeah pretty much.

But honestly I was thinking the other day, maybe its great that I have waited this long as now maybe they finally got all the kinks out of the old classic iPod (thats what I'm getting, none of this touch crap) and now they work. Living with someone who has had 3 iPods in the last 5 years really sours your wishes on buying such a product you know?

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