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Monday, May 29, 2006

It's way too damn hot!

Seriously, I cannot stand the heat..and living in a non-air conditioned apartment sucks ass. We're moving this thursday and I am still packing..and it sucks! How do people in tropical countries handle it???

Anywho, can't talk much but wanted to report myself. I worked all weekend and was off today. Then I work on wednesday and have the whole week off from work..yay!

Ta ta.

Friday, May 26, 2006

"Castles On Nothing"

I took my energy and put it all on the line
Thinking this fight was worth my time
I saw the glimmer of hope in your eyes
I'd find myself if I looked inside
But I fell forward and saw my face
And all I could do was accept my disgrace
How can I run when I don't want to be free
I built castles on nothing and it all crashed on me
I'm alone in these ruins of what it used to be
When my goals and my vision were all there was to me

Deep huh? I found this just now when I was cleaning my shit while packing. I wrote this sometime this past year at work, as it was written on a flyer for Tower.

I was hardcore writer all my life really..but as soon as I started dating Joe, for whatever reason I stopped. Every now and then I get inspired, like this piece above.

But if you notice the words..they all point to frustration. To what? only my abysmal mind knows.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Thalia when she was fun!

Thalía - Sudor

Oh man...look at Thalia circa 1991! Look at her outfits, her mannerismns! I used to love her around this time. Now she's all grown and boring. Enjoy!

"Who you callin' a Sissi?

No, Síssi that is!

I bought this CD not too long ago, it's been out for almost exactly a year. She is one of the "bimbos" from Sabado Gigante, the trashy Saturday evening variety show that so many latinos like to watch on nights. This CD is actually really good! She's nothing spectacular vocally but she's not entirely awful either. Looking at the cover, you'd think it was all dance or something. If anything, it's very very GRUPERA in the vein of Ninel Conde and Ana Barbara. She DOES have one dance song, and I'm sure a certain sexbox in Chicago would cream if he heard it. I forget the name of it, it's the last song.

But this CD is really good if you like grupera ballads and fun "ethnic" numbers. I'm listening to it as I pack.

Qué precisamente es lo de qué no hay igual?

Hey folks

Sorry I've been absent for a while. Been working and running around doing shit. We're still packing and shit. Everything's been cool, I just had a thought...I requested the first week of june off, and I'm not sure if it was confirmed. Shit, I best be investigating cuz I'm moving and I need them days off!

I'm listening to Nelly Furtado's Spanish single "No Hay Igual". Why is her accent so much heavier on this song? In her other 2 Spanish songs, "Fotografia (with Juanes)" and "Powerless (Abre Tu Corazon)", her pronounciation is flawless.

In this new song she sounds like a gringa. Either way, the song is still fun, but I prefer "Promiscuous". Her album comes out in a month, can't wait! I love my Nelly, even if she's "ghetto Nelly" now.

Anyone here watch telenovelas? I'm in the middle of watching "Mariana De La Noche".

It's alright. I'm on disc 2 already. It reminds me alot of a mixture between "Te Sigo Amando" and "Cuna De Lobos", in terms of the whole....well I can't say because my boo boo still needs to watch it.

Speaking of, not sure if I ever talked about this one before...but I also saw "Amarte Es Mi Pecado" on DVD recently because my mother-in-law bought it for me in Mexico.

That novela was so trashy and FIERCE! I loved it! I'm not too big on Yadhira Carrillo, but she did good. But also, ALESSANDRA from Sentidos Opuestos got on my nerves on this telenovela and I hate her now after this. Though she wasn't a villain, she got on my nerves and was just a nasty bitch. You'll see. She should play bitchy villains because she's so annoying.

The side characters in this telenovela were a riot! Sylvia Pinal as her naca Stepmother with lipstick on her teeth in every scene was great as a villain.
The way she always whistled and shit.

Then there was Margarita Isabel, as the prestigious rich "Tía" that she ends up living with.
But the one who stole the cake was Tiare Scanda and her hilarious character "Casilda".

She was supposed to be the ugly one, but her little anecdotes and mannerisms are so funny. She was worth it. I reccommend this novela to anyone if they've never seen it. It is out on DVD in MExico by the way. In case you guys are curious as to what the story is about...Nora lives a modest life and wants to do everything right, including marrying her deadbeat boyfriend that she loves dearly much agaist the wishes of her bedridden father. Once he dies, her father makes her promise that she will only marry someone rich and her Stepmother and her go into the world on that conquest. But slowly we see that every man in her life has mistreated her and loses her faith in love so she decides to live her life in the way men have treated her, and only use them and discard them when she's through.

Well chirruns, I should get back to cleaning the house. Ta ta for now. peace!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crazy people who don't have jobs.

I wrote a review on about "Season 8" of "The Simpsons". Just yesterday. It was short and sweet, gave it five stars and said "this was the last of the "golden years" as after this season they went on a perpetual downhill slope of routine and whacky adventures. A show once so randomly satirical and genius turned to a "guest star" format."

So in turn, some dude writes me


I just read your review on for The Simpsons season eight.
You are a complete lunatic. The Simpsons only got better and funnier
with each subsequent season. You are appallingly overlooking the genius
of seasons 11-13 which were masterful works of absurdist comedy. The
Simpsons continue to put on a strong showing even as it approaches a
two decade run. You clearly have cut yourself off from some of the
funniest episodes of The Simpsons ever made. You need to stop your
ridiculous ranting and see those episodes immediately. How dare you
discourage people from experiencing the sheer joy of nearly half The
Simpsons repertoire under the pretense of a positive review. You have
done one of the finest and most historic shows on television a severe

-An Outraged Fan (

Ridiculous ranting? Says this email. Hahahahaha..I'm a lunatic, says the braying person who took the time out to write me this email. Get a real job dude! It's called an opinion. Jesus, all these George W. Bush fuckers in America are so quick to immediately bash anyone with a different opinion. How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to take time out to write someone attacking them over a fucking Television show?!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Trannies are something else.

This is in no way disrespecting trannies, to each their own.

But I always found it odd how "transexuals" are considered "gay". They are fucking women in mens bodies...ugly men bodies most of the time but still are women. A homosexual is a man or woman who like their own gender. If "trannies" are supposedly transgendered and women...why are they called homosexual when in reality, they like the "opposite" sex?

The world seems to think that all homosexuals want to be women anyway. This just confuses the common Joe

Sometimes trannies scare me. They look gross when they have all that fake plastic surgery. Gross, they end up fucking themselves up.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Have u ever noticed how Thalia looks an awful lot like Roseanne (Barr)??? It's weird. I guess we know what Thalia would have looked like if she let herself go. They look like they could be sisters.

I love Roseanne, she's hilarious.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hell at House of Blues

Buenas thursdays,

Last night we went to see Pimpinela at the House of Blues. Let me start off by narrating the nightmare we had to go through to see them.

First of all we waited there for hours, and my boo boo had come straight from work, so he had his backpack (cuz he can never leave home without his purse). We waited a while before we decided to go in, as they always take forever to start the concert and the doors opened at 7:00 P.M. When we did, they told him "you won't be able to come in with that, you'll have to check it in". We thought, damn, ok well "where do I go?". They directed us to the coatcheck in the HOB Restaurant. So he goes there and they turn him away because their coat check isn't open, so they said they'd have to check it inside the concert venue. Grrrr. So we try to go back and the ugly rude security fuckers were still being dumb. After a while of bitching and having them explain their policy as to why we couldn't bring it in..."It's a new policy, it's a precaution, perhaps after 9/11 that no one can bring a back pack inside". I mean what the fuck, we're guests and we payed to go in (well I got tix for free but still). We are here to see a show and have a good time. If the problem was the backpack, can't they just fucking look inside of it?? Anyway, they told us to go to the HOB Hotel. So then we go there, and they in turn say "We can't check items if you're not staying at the hotel". GODAMN MOTHERFUCKING PIGSHIT LICKERS! After getting all irate, they decided to check in his bag for 5.00. After that point, I was boiling and having a good time was quickly not becoming a possibility. So we go back there and I go in the faces of the ugly buck toothed dyke and fat jambo man and tell them to get their shit straightened out before sending people in every which direction to check in an item. So then in turn, they dyke says "they always say they can't check it in, but they did it anyway". That really annoyed me even more. If this was true, there is no reason to be giving people so much red tape, we're guests here and should not be treated like children. So then I got their badge numbers and made it clear this was not going to go untreated. Fucking pigs. I'm going to have to write an angry letter or make a phone call. after the HELL we went through,, we finally got in. It took a while for me to relax though, I was still very shakey. If I had money, I would have gotten drunk. But I decided not to let anyone ruin this chance of seeing Pimpinela as they never come. Then the concert finally started at 9:20. It was really fun. Joaquin and Lucía know how to put on a good show! Very staged and entertaining. They sang alot of their older shit, it was very cool. Hopefully "Pasión(the radio station)" will continue to support older acts and bring more to Chicago! Omg, if they could only bring Daniela Romo to sing! or Dulce!!! Agh!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Awful nose jobs

Hey folks, happy tuesday.

Today I was watching Telemundo and Yolanda Del Rio was on. She was a very popular Ranchera/Mariachi singer in the 70's..and was one of the rare exceptions in that genre where an artist singing that style crossed over to the Mexican pop market and sold very well. I believe her and Beatriz Adriana (whom I adore, ex-wife of El Buki) were the rarities. Once the 80's moved in and the genre was once again overshadowed by changing taste in pop music, her career stalled. She has continued recording on dinky labels, so I admire her.

That being said...she looks so gross! Granted she's had the same nose job for years, but I had to comment on how nasty she looked on TV. She looks like she came from Michael Jackson's surgeons office!

look at that awful nose, guackatelas!

On that note, tomorrow I'm going to see PIMPINELA at the HOUSE OF BLUES! Yay! I'm not a huge huge fan, but the concert is free (for me thru work) and I do enjoy their incestuous campiness. For those who don't know them, they're an Argentinean duo consisting of brother and sister Joaquin and Lucía Galán. They have been around since the 80's and all their songs are tango-influenced ballad confections expressing their love and dissapointment in their relationship. So all their songs are bad breakup songs and critiques. See what I mean about incestuous? Hahaha.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bibi Gaytán in Chicago

So this Friday, I was all geeked on my way to work because I was looking at "Hoy" (the free newspaper) and there was a big article on DANIELA ROMO and how she's selling that Time Life CD collection I mentioned earlier. I called my boo boo and told him to pick up a copy so he can read it. Later that day, I check my voicemail during work and get a message from him saying "go to page 34 and call me immediately!". I was like, what's wrong? In the back of my mind, I knew it was about someone being in town...and my first reaction was "*gasp* Daniela's coming!!*. I then turned to that page..and there was a big ad for "Festival Cinco De Mayo" at Douglas Park (in the ghetto west side in Little Village, where I grew up). They were having a mass for some virgin..and some of the celebrities attending that were EDUARDO CAPETILLO...and of course...BIBI GAYTÁN!

Joe, my boo boo, has obsessed for Bibi Gaytán for years, so I could understand how geeked he was and I was excited for him. I'm not saying I'm not a fan, I've liked Bibi for that brief time that she had a career before that monster of a husband took her away like a sexist pig and gave up her career for him. I swear she must have gotten "dickmatized". I was a big fan of "Dos Mujeres Un Camino" and "Alcanzar Una Estrella II". So we went over to Douglas Park today and attended the mass.

When we got there, everything was just starting, then she and Eduardo came out. First of all, about him....what a fucking nasty ass! He looks so gross! He looked like he hadn't shaved in a week, looked dirty...and he had a big gut! He didn't look like that on the telenovelas. He was nasty, Bibi could do so much better. Bibi, was gorgeous! I was in awe of her beauty. About the mass...the sun was burning and it was so hot outside, and we had to stand for that whole time. We managed to make our way to the back of the stage where everyone was coming and going through just in case she went by us. So after an hour and a half (!!), the mass was over. Also I should mention that Eduardo kept coming past us during the mass to go pee and smoke. How disrespectful during a mass, unless he's an atheist or doesn't care. I didn't say anything, he's nasty and besides..I never liked him. I don't think he's that cute, he can't sing...and now him being so gross just adds to it.

So finally, Bibi and the other guera ranchera Televisa actress that was there, I forget her name, came down. All these people around were trying to take their picture with Bibi, and she was complying. So then I yelled really loud "BIBI!!!!!!" while Joe was holding her LP in the air. She looked at us, smiled....and then after finishing up with who she was talking to, proceeded to walk in our direction, push people out of the way and come talk to us! Here is the pic:

My first thought to seeing her come to us was..."she is sooooo pretty!". I can't even properly describe what a knockout she is! I mean look at her but still, seeing her in person is something else. She looks amazing still and looks flawless. Why she is with that monster, I don't know. So back to the story...she comes up to us and says "hola, tuve que venir porque miré que tenian mi disco!". me and Joe both gave her a kiss on the cheek and I told her "que guapa estas!". Joe was such a sweetie, he was so geeked and excited. He said he has been a fan since he was 15. We asked her if she was going to record another album and she said "quizas en el futuro sí grabo otra vez". I hope she does..with the right style she can be good. Which brings me up to that aspect of her. People really didn't give her a chance back then because she was such a knockout. She actually has a very sweet voice..she sounds alot like Marisela. She and Edith Marquez were the only girls from Timbiriche to possess actual singing skills (sorry Joe, Sasha may be fierce, but let's face facts..). I hate how I came out in that picture, but whatever, it's all about Bibi.

Notice on the pic how she's pointing to her record. She was so nice to us, and I still am geeked at how she made her way and talked only to us. Everyone else she said hello and passed by..but she stopped at us. By the way, she signed the LP :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An addiction!

Howdy folks and happy wednesday.

Nothing new on my end, same old shit, different day. We think we may have found an apartment but we're waiting now. We already submitted the application and offered to give the security deposit when summoned.

Oh my god, I have been so addicted to this damn game on Yahoo! It's "Solitaire 13". Its basically pyramid where u have to delete any 2 cards that sum up to 13 (8 and 5, 7 and 6, etc..). It's so addicting! I've been spending the very few moments I have for leisure and playing.

click here to play and check it out. It's fun and thrilling. But I haven't won once :(

Monday, May 01, 2006


Finally...after years of complaining

Yay!! On JULY 25, 2006...they shall release "Animaniacs, Vol. 1". This used to be one of my favourite cartoons, even if I was already too old to watch them. The jokes are hilarious even today and this show proved to be popular with adults. So much that "Pinky and The Brain" had their own show spinoff on prime time back when the "WB" first premiered in 1994!

Oh I am so excited, I can't wait! I haven't watched "Animaniacs" in years and I so missed them! And you'll all be happy to know that the "Bumbi's Mom" episode is here! That is the episode where Slappy Squirrel consoles her nephew after being devastated over Bumbi's moms death in the movie (obviously referring to "Bambi"). Hilarious!

I don't think this show was programmed as "Seasons", as this was a mon-fri cartoon. But apparently, 100 episodes were made altogether so they will release them in volumes. If this one sells, they'll release more.

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