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Monday, July 30, 2007

Flavored Water

I think the stupidest oxymoronic product in the market right now is FLAVORED WATER.

Last time I checked, if water had flavor it was a DRINK, not water. It's retarded, if you want to drink water with taste, have a soft drink. When one wants to drink water, you drink PLAIN OLE WATER. It ceases to be "plain ole water" if it has "flavor".

Am I the only one out there who sees past this madness?! I mean if you want water with JUST a smidge of flavour, can't you just water down your kool-aid?? In the end that's all it tastes like...soda that had too much ice and now has thawed out.


Today's word is "COTIDIANO"
And it means "common, typical of every day ."

"Viene de familia cotidiana" = "He comes from a common, typical family"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The obligatory "Simpsons Movie" thread

Alright, let me just get it out of the way...

It was GREAT!!!! I loved it, I really did. It wasn't anything mould-breaking or revolutionary for the series but it certainly was a great 87 minute episode. For those interested in seeing it I won't spoil any details but I really liked it.

The real stars of this movie were the Simpsons and not guest stars or wacky situations outside of Springfield like the show pretty much has gone to in the last 10 years. I think this movie restored my faith in the Simpsons and the comedy style revolved the family's quirks, random humour and gags. But on that note, I was also looking forward to seeing some of my favourite non-family characters get some shining time. I mean there were moments but they didn't have key roles to the plot. But nonetheless it proved the Simpsons themselves are the real stars of the show and why it's been on the air for almost 20 years.

:D I'm excited. And I'm sure a sequel is inevitable.

And in the spirit of the moment..


Today's word is "ASOMBRADO"
And it means "astonished, amazed"

"Me quede asombrado al salir del cine!" = "I remained astonished as I left the movie theater!"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Geezers in Freezers

I swear this past week my mind has been racing with different topics that I felt passionate about that I wanted to elaborate on this blog....but everytime I finally got to sitting down, my mind would turn blank. I guess I missed the train of discussion. Don't worry, I'll get more inspiration, the pussy may be dry but it still works :D

So to start things, I'd like to say I am super geeked for tommorrow...THE SIMPSON MOVIE FINALLY PREMIERES!!

I honestly was NOT excited at all about this movie, I have known about it since 2 years ago. The show has been on a perpetual slope and has flattlined in quality this decade. That's how long its been on the air for that I have to refer to it as this decade hee hee hee. So it's not like I was expecting anything extraordinary to make me get excited. I mean it's not like the Simpsons have been off the air for me to miss them. BUT...I saw the previews of it earlier this year and it was amazed at how really funny it seemed! It reminded me of the Simpsons in their glory days where their humour was random, unexpected but clean and just made you laugh. Like a modern Tex Avery cartoon (y'all know how much I love him). So tomorrow I will finally get to see it! yay!

I was a dork and went to the ONLY 7-11 turned "Kwik-E Mart" which is in the south side. My brother and I went a couple weeks back. It was awesome in a humungous dork way. Here I am with "Frostillicus". You Simpsons geeks will know what I'm talking about it.

So yes kiddies, I promise more to come! Thank you for reading. Toodles!


Today's word is "ACCIONISTA"
And it means "Shareholder/stockholder".

"Mi padre fue accionista de la empresa Pepsi-Cola = My father was a shareholder of Pepsi-Cola corporation"

Sidenote: In case you don't know...the Spanish word for "stock (as in a company" is "acciones" which literally means actions. So to have stock in a company in Spanish, you would say "tengo acciones en esta empresa".

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Christian boy

I used to be such a nice little Christian boy and so naive when I was little. It's amazing how deep a religion can brainwash a kid. They really do teach you to tolerate others ONLY if they accept Christ as their saviour. So in other words every other religion is hedonistic and only with Christ can you be saved.

So silly. I remember as a kid, someone was lying about something once, I forget who..and I naively said "have him swear unto Christ, no one can lie to him!".

Oh lord! Now please don't get me wrong, I still have a huge faith in God. But this organized religion that I grew up with, Catholicism, really is wrong and so far away from God that it's not even funny. They are so caught up in their own beliefs that they cease to see God but rather their church..and isn't that hypocritical? Thou shalt not have any other God's before me..what do you call worshiping a church and its priest and their decisions on what you should have an opinion on?

Anywho, just had to share :)


Today's word is

And it means "worker's union"

"Tenemos un sindicato muy eficiente" = "We have a very efficient (worker's) union"

Running with the devil...

So it finally cooled off today! My god I was dying from all this heat? Can't summer keep it under 70 degrees?!?! Ugh. I got around to going for a nice long run today...running from where I live to the next mile and then running back. It felt great!! So I celebrated with a glass of zinfandel and a cigarrette. :)

I used to run alot more often, but since I've moved 3 times in 3 years it gets hard to find a nice route to run to. And certain parts of my neighborhood are rather iffy so I try to avoid em. And the other thing is that I run at night as I hate the sun and moreso during summer. Ugh...

I decided to implement a new topic for my blog. It's called "SPANISH WORD FOR FOOD FOR THOUGHT". Since I make it my mission to help anyone learning Spanish or my fellow Latinoes better their grammar and vocabulary, I will now insert a word that's common and may not be used on an every day now you will have registered to how to say it in Spanish :) You may or may not know it or may not know in what context it belongs, but hopefully you can learn something from me :)

Today's word is:

And it means "Resumé".

"Envié mi curriculo a recursos humanos" = I sent my resumé to Human Resources"


Toodles my children! Til next time stay tuned

Monday, July 09, 2007

Wrap my snatch?!

Howdy folks!

Pues ahora si la regué! 2 weeks with no updates! I am so thankful for you guys for still checking here. I have no words. But I've been living, fighting off this nasty ass heat we've been having for the last week. Ugh! I hate hate hate it!

So other than that, I just HAD to share a little funny anecdote. I was at a McDonalds (it was late and nothing else was open) and ordered a salad and a snack wrap.....but instead of calling it that I called it a "snatch wrap".

OMG!! I was so shocked at my brain! But I was laughing and the cashier did! It's because as a joke I've called them snatch wraps that I think my brain has registered that to be their actual names! So to me not calling it a snatch wrap is foreign.


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