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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Puerto Rican now, huh..

I'm off today and waiting for my Chinese food to arrive, and I did something that I normally don't do: Watch TV. I watched George Lopez, much to my boredom, but after the show, I got to see "Freddie", the new sitcom starring Freddie Prinze Jr. I noticed that in this show, they keep plugging the fact that he plays a Puerto Rican and there's a stupid and stereotypical schtick, with the fact that his Grandmother never speaks English and when she speaks, its subtitled. I'm assuming this is supposed to make her funny..."hehehe..she soudns funny cuz I don't understand her". That's how most of USA is anyway, redneck motherfuckers who always think everything Foreign is funny. Take the "40 year old Virgin" for example. I happened to see that at theatres..There are 2 Indian characters and everytime they went on screen...they said "slang" terms in their big Indian accents..and everyone in the theatre was laughing. Got to leave it to the USA to relegate anything foreign as nothing more than comedic material and not as an actual culture.

Back on track..This "Freddie" show was awful, but it got me thinking back when Freddie Prinze Jr. first hit it big during the "teen flick" boom. Yes I'm aware he is the son of "Chico & The Man"'s Freddie Prinze who was Puerto Rican before killing himself at the age of 24 when Freddie was a baby. That's most of the attention he first got from magazines, being his son and all. Yet he never capitalized on the fact that he is part magazines and interviews he never spoke of it and never has done anything public in regards to Latino organizations or anything. Basically he never publicly identified himself with the aforementioned community. Now, his career as an actor is not as hot as it once what is he to do? CAPITALIZE and exploit his roots. This show is evident of that.

Good for him though....use everything he can to make $$. Maybe when Cameron Diaz's career stands at a freeze she'll do the same as Freddie.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ben, the two of us need look no more...

I was watching TV last night at 3:00AM, after I got out of the shower. I'm sitting there in my living room when I notice I had a little visitor. A grey mouse was crawling out from underneath this chest we have by the entrance and was walking around by where our jackets are hung. I immediately freaked out and said "Oh my god..oh my god..". And I must have been loud, cuz I woke my boo boo up (Sorry!). I was so freaked out! I didn't know we had mice! I haven't seen one in a while. So, seeking comfort from my man...after the freeze of the shock wore off, I went to bed. But not before I moved the mouse trap we had underneath our sink over to where I saw him. Unfortunately the fucker didn't land on it. Wherever it went, it didn't land on the trap. Maybe I scared it off.

A lot of people are scared of mice, but I wasn't until I got traumatized at the age of 11. We were poor and lived in a rodent-infested apartment in Little Village. This was a spooky apartment, and it was crawling with things. At night, we'd be lying in bed and hear little scratching and running of rodents from our attic. It was a great way to grow up. Anywho, I never had a problem dealing with these fuckers. I even used to pick up the traps and throw the mice away myself. But one day, in the summer, I was sitting in the living room watching "Animaniacs" or something. Then all of a sudden, a gray blob falls in front of me by my lap, and it was a supified mouse! AAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!! It scared the shit out of me, and I ran and screamed like a maniac. I eventually made it outside and waited for my mother to come home. When we went upstairs, the mouse must have damaged his head or something (poor thing) because it was still crawling slowly and didn't run away when we were there. So a good friend of my mother's squished it with a mop and threw it away. After that incident, I freak out whenever I see a rodent. That is why I can't handle mice being in my dwelling. I just won't. Hopefully our little visitor will go away.

Wish me luck dealing with Mickey.....*shudder*

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Polish sensations.

Last night, bored...I was watching "Polvision" on Channel 48 here in Chicago. This bitch can't afford cable so I resort to regular television. So watching some video show...2 acts caught my ears..

The first was for campy reasons..Maryla Rodowicz. This video was for a cover of the song from "Desperado", the film starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. U know the song, "Morena de mi corazon". So I was intrigued. Little did I know that Maryla Rodowicz is a living legend in Polish and has been around since the 70's and still going strong. She did this song in a campy pop way, I'll have to upload it for y'all

The second thing that caught my ears was the band Kombii. I was intrigued by the music. It sounded like a mixture of college rock and 80's New wave synth. They actually reminded me of Moenia, but not as obviously derivative of Depeche Mode as they are. The lead singer's voice sounds rough like that guy Everlast of "House of Pain" fame. So I downloaded a few tracks on Limewire and I really liked what I heard! I especially had an immediate liking to the song "Wspanialy Swiat. God knows what that means but I liked this song alot..

Happy thanksgiving for y'all! I have to work tomorrow but it's OK..double time for me which will be very helpful for the Xmas shopping I'm going to have to do. Ciao!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

They done poisoned my shit

Hey y'all

Happy sunday. Jesus christ, last night was My man's friend's party in Milwaukee, u may have read about it on my boo boo's blog. So anyway, I dressed up like an 80's fag (the party had an 80's theme) and had fun drinking and shit. I hadn't seen alot of those peeps in Milwaukee for a long time, and they all seem to love me. So I didn't even drink that much, but Claudia, one of Joe's friends, gave me these drinks that God knows what was on it...but I woke up this morning SICK as a motherfucker. It wasn't an entire hang over, this was a disgusting feeling. I woke up and vomited clear liquid...yuck. I felt that way for all morning and I was scared....because I had to be in Chicago by the afternoon cuz I had to work!

We ate greasy McDee's in the morning, and thank god it stayed in my stomach! I felt semi better and when we got to Chicago, I took a quickie nap before heading off to work, I survived the day. And just now I had Chinese, so I should be cool for the rest of the day

Next week, the new Shakira English album "Oral Fixation V. 2" comes out!! I'm so excited! I loved V.1 earlier this year and can't wait to hear new songs.

I promise to write more tomorrow, I've been hella busy lately doing nothing..if that makes sense. You know that feeling, where you're so caught up, you don't even feel like you're doing anything but suddenly you have no time for anything else. Important things seem to have that effect on people, that's why motherfuckers be smoking up and drinking their brains away cuz they can't handle. Peace

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Funny mothers

Don't you find it funny that Mother's always try to say you're a certain way that THEY are? My mother's always saying that I have a huge temper, that I am high maintenance and that I always criticize her...yet these are things that she ALWAYS does to me. Everytime I call her, I have to make sure it's when I have nothing else to do, because she will talk and talk and talk and, should I dare have to get going, she'll get offended or keep talking while supposedly trying to say goodbye. She does this all the time. And, just right now for example, she was saying about how I'm so moody and how Joe (my bf) got quite a gift with me and that she feels bad because I MUST treat him awfully. The woman isn't the one sleeping him, what would she know? It's rude as hell to cast judgement like that, but that's how mother's are. My mother, and I'm sure lots of others do too, still thinks she has ownership of my life and that it gives her a card to openly judge and critique everything I do. I'm not an adult in her eyes. It's tough handling my mother, but it's OK. I equate it sometimes like entering a battlefield. And then she wonders why I don't ever run to her when I have trouble and drama and ask for her advice....hahaha

So what's new internetland? As for me, it's snowing outside! Yay! It's beginning to look alot like Christmas. I know some of you are Scrooge's...and to tell you the truth, the act of Christmas is not one that I am particularly fond of too, but I love the weather and the activities that come with Xmas. Snow falling, and sipping hot coffee or chocolate with your loved ones. Besides Chus loves the snow..and this will be his second winter with us..:)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Tone deafness never stopped anyone from singing

Ugh, yesterday was such a crappy day. I was hung over from the night before and ate 2 Huaraches ("Fried and lengthy tortilla topped with cheese, red or green chile and your choice of meat") at Maxwell Street. Then I had a cup of Starbucks coffee...which must have not sit well with me because I immediately felt sick and eventually vomitted. I had to work that same night so it wasn't good. Then at work some stupid Lincoln Park jerk snapped for no logical reason at me, so that incident ruined my day. Sorry Angelica that I wasn't too happy to see you last night, you caught me at a bad time. So that was that. Today I did nothing, I decided to rest.

On the bright side, I finally got my shipment that I had been expecting! I got my Spanish LP's...including Erika Buenfil's rare and only album from 1986 titled "Se busca un corazón". This woman was and is a bad telenovela actress and back then she was one of the it girls. She looks like shit now, but boy, hearing this album....she is an AWFUL singer! I'm telling ya...whoever criticizes La Toya Jackson for her vocal weaknesses needs to hear Erika Buenfil. Did this album even have a hit? Who knows...I'm keeping it for the camp value.

It's almost to the world. Anyone listening to any good Xmas albums? I recommend the following. It's hard to find a decent Xmas album..they all try too hard and sound alike. Christmas isn't all boring, some people like happy and upbeat Xmas music. I recommend

Cyndi Lauper - Merry Christmas, Have A Nice Life

Fun album, it has some interesting songs..but it does have some nice standard ballads. Her version of "Silent Night" is chilling and I love her cute self written homage to her son, Declyn titled "New Year's Baby". The "Christmas Conga" will keep you dancing. Even my own mother liked this track!

Eterna Navidad - Various (1989)

This CD is still in print..and it's 80's cheesarrific! It includes some fun Spanish songs. "Jingle Bells" by Tatiana is fun...and ditto Pandora's "Los Peces En El Rio". This CD includes "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano and not to includes the venerable, the legendary, the unique and irreplaceable Daniela Romo, with a beautiful version of "Blanca Navidad (White Christmas)". What I thought was interesting about this particular song is that Daniela, who lives in Mexico, sings this song yet nowhere in Mexico does it ever snow on Xmas...hehehe.

Look for Amanda Miguel's Christmas album, released independently last year. It's rather hard to find but I liked it too. It has a dance version of "Jingle Bells".

Friday, November 11, 2005

Better late than never

So sorry for not writing in a's been crazy for me. Anywho, I have still yet to tell you about the AMANDA MIGUEL concert! I was, of course, FUCKING AWESOME! I mean it took them 2 hours to finally hit the stage, which annoyed the shit out of me. But it was worth it. AMANDA opened up the concert with "El Me Mintio" which got the crowd all worked up. She is so cool, she walked around at the stage, with this semi-cockey look as if saying "I know I'm the shit, worship me!". So cute. Afterwards she followed with her very cool and sexual song "Piedra de afilar", the title track from the album of the same name. I was my usual self at the concert, crazy and loud. And a few times during the concert, Amanda went squarely to my area of the stage and sang to me..which I thought was awesome. The show continued in it's weird zig-zag with Diego Verdaguer. She would sing 4 songs or so, then he would come out, and after his songs, she would come back..etc. The housewives went crazy over Diego. He was all working them and was playful. He is a bad singer, but he definitely entertains. Let's go back to Amanda now, shall we? She sang most of her hits, but she did NOT sing 2 of my favorites...the new-wavey and almost Sioxsie-esque "Donde Brilla El Sol" and her upbeat and hella fun "Cosquillas En El Pecho". Now that I think of it, she didn't sing "Las Pequeñas Cosas" either...hmmm. But the show was still awesome. EVERYONE went crazy when she busted out "El Gato Y Yo".

So the show went well, but alas, after the show there was a meet and greet! I was very surprised. So for 20.00 you could meet her and get an autograph and get a polaroid with their camera. I didn't really know what to make out of it. The security guards kept pushing everyone to hurry up. Bastards. But I gave Amanda a kiss on the cheek, said she looked great and that I had alot of fun. She's so funny...see at the "Concessions" or whatever that place is called ina concert where they sell merchandise, they had her X-mas album which she released in 2004 independently titled "Feliz Navidad A Toda La Humanidad". I bought it and then had Amanda sign it. So she asks me..."Este disco en donde lo compraste?" so I said where and she said "Ah...y compraste mi último disco??" I said "of course! bought it the day of! Didn't you see me singing to all your songs?". She giggles and says "Y cuales canciones te gustaron?". I said "Ooh i LOOOVE "Se Paró" and "Es un loco amor". So she said she's happy and thanked me..but as this was going on the security guards were rushing me to I quickly asked them about ANA VICTORIA, her lovely daughter. Diego Verdaguer, who produced her album, explained the whole thing that Arista Records (the label she was signed to by L.A. Reid) went under and her album was lost, but that in 2006 they'll release the album on EMI. YAY!! You all have to hear her. Her album is a great pop album. It's full of ballads but it's definitely not boring. It's an interesting mixture of classic style ballads, Santana-esque guitar productions and also a singe of electronic beats. Not overtly but quite subtle. Not to mention that Ana Victoria inheritoed quite a lovely voice for herself! She's got this smooth voice. She's obviously not going to sound like her mother, that's quite a huge shadow she casts! She doesn't have her fierceness or vocal power, but Ana Victoria still holds up. She's definitely a better singer than her daddy though, hehehe. Poor Diego. Here's our pic!

So that's all that's been going on. Been busy with work and other shit. I have a weird schedule so alot of times I can't really do much of anything. I will definitely make an effort to write at least every other day. I'm gonna keep this shit going for all of you. Thanks for reading and be back soon!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Tonight's the night, tonight!!!

Yay!! I get to see Amanda Miguel in concert! MEOW! MEOW!
Look for my review tomorrow, and unfortunately I cannot bring a camera to the House of Blues, :(. They're super strict about shit like that there. They frisk you down and everything.

I'm so excited! I've been listening to "Piedra De Afilar" all day. This album's so's all ballads but they're not boring bland "piano and voice" ballads. All the songs have their unique charm and are just amazing. My favorite ballad is "Se paró", which is curiously playing as I type. Love that song..

Well I'll continue this tomorrow...ciao! Tonight I'll be a screaming loca..

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I don't mean to be judgemental, but...

Happy November y'all

I'm in a bind right now...I seriously just spent so much money buying music online..oh no! I have a problem! I don't even have enough money to pay my cell phone bill anymore, after I pay everything else. I'm going to have to go on eBay and sell more things right now. Oh no...but on the bright side I got alot of cool Maribel Guardia's debut album from 1988 (yep, all pop dance) and Erika Buenfil. Ooooh and this kick ass compilation from 1993 where pop stars sing traditional Mexican music. Tatiana, Lucia Mendez, Yuri, Maria Conchita, Sasha (Sokol), Aida Cuevas...they're all there

So internetland, tell me.....what do you feel about "pochos" and their use of the Spanish language? In my mind, I think it's better for pochos to speak fucked up Spanish than to not speak any at all.. However in both cases, I think that it's important to explore our culture and appreciate where we've come. This is an issue of personal choice obviously, but I also think that it's stupid to live in a country like the USA and to not take the initiative to learn the language or educate yourself on your background. Your heritage is an important template in which you can paint your destiny, and the more you know about it, the better you can paint your future. I find it amazing that some "pochos" spend their whole lives trying to downplay their ehtnicity in their attempt to "assimilate". I guess everyone's entitled to their own "survival technique" in life.

I lived a standard Chicano childhood, living in the middle of a storm of confusion...hearing and living peasant Mexican life at home and going to school and being exposed to the "American" aspect of society. It was two completely different worlds, and early on I always felt I had to compromise one aspect from the other in the attempts to have both worlds make sense to me. I would, in other words, make my Mexican life more "American" to that side so they could understand me ...and try my best to make my Mexican life understand the other half of me by bastardizing my English and American education. How could I identify with other people who aren't Mexican-American...they don't eat tortillas and have loud parties. How can I have my parents meet my teachers and communicate with them, since all my education is in English and my parent's don't speak it? See it was a fun childhood...having to live with this continuous gut feeling of worry. But I made a choice to separate myself from both worlds and find my own identity, one that I can feel is completely my own and can help me see the world thru every eye and aspect possible. I educated myself to see every culture I could, learn from everything...and well, here I am. I'd like to think I'm a double-edged sword...I'm entirely American in every sense...but can see the world thru Mexican's eyes. Life would have been much easier for me in my "single-digit years" if I had this amount of compassion back then...but oh well, live and learn

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