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Friday, January 11, 2008

So Far Away

Hello :)

Thank you all for stopping by :) I've been meaning to stop by and chat. But you all know how life can be at times. Everything can seem so far away when relatively close. Like this song says

So what has been going on with me? Nothing other than working and managing life and its cost to live :) Seriously that's my new year's resolution: manage funds better! I've always prided myself in knowing how to make what little bit of money I have last and prioritizing. But this year I don't want to survive, I WANT TO LIVE! So I have to figure out what I need to do and how to go about it. I needs to feed me and my baby.

The other part to my plan of managing money is based on something I have talked about before. I want a new pet :) I think Chussy fruit needs a friend. I want him to have another dog to play with and learn to be around them. But they are expensive so I need to get it together. I so wish pets were tax deductible, it's so retarded as they technically are dependents. I say anything that requires medical attention is legally a person and a dependent. But by law pets are seen as luxuries. So silly. We need to change that but what can we expect, our society doesn't want to acknowledge same sex civil unions, how can I expect any sort of plausible law that recognizes pets as members of the family?

oh well. I shall continue on the journey. I don't know whats in store for me but I look forward :)


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