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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hello folks!

May this moment be treating you kindly when reading this. I'm cool right now :) Everything has been OK, not too stressed so far. Been doing good at weeding the drama out of my life even if not completely. My thanksgiving was nice. I had to work that Friday and Saturday though. It's nice though, unlike this exact time last year. Do you folks recall that nightmare?

So lately, I have been kinda "twiddling about" with the idea of adopting another pet. I know it sounds crazy, our baby is expensive as it is and I can barely make ends meet. Well, WE that is. Not forgetting I'm not in this alone :) . But I feel so bad whenever I see this website. There are so many babies out there that need homes and right now they're living in a cage, probably not knowing the warmth of a home or the embrace of an owner. They probably don't even know the concept of not being confined all day other than being walked if lucky. So whenever I think about this I get the urge to just adopt one.

I mean if you love pets and can afford it, I say everyone should adopt one. Pets relieve so much stress and love you unconditionally. You have no idea how many times I sit crying or in a fit of anxiety and all I have to do is look into my dog who wants nothing but my love. It really makes you look at your life situations when you have an animal who lives by instinct and it's instinct is only to be faithful. It's touching :) Dogs are protectors of your home and alert you of danger and cats keep rodents away. So you win with either one :)

I apologize for sounding like a long commercial, I swear I'm not receiving an endorsement :) i just had to share. Sorry for the sappiness.

Love to you all!


Today's word is "RECURRÍR"
And it means "to resort to"

"Ella siempre recurre a los insultos al discutir temas"="She always resorts to insults when discussing matters"

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Turkey day folks :)

Wherever you'll be. Me and the missus and his mother are going to a nice French bistro where they are having Thanksgiving dinner :).

So, as some of you who frequent magazine aisles, you may have noticed the cover of this month's "Vibe" magazine. I couldn't help but notice that this cover was incredible. To the truest definition

This is seriously the WORST cover I have ever seen on a cover of a major magazine. How on Earth could the editor of Vibr approve such a terrible shot? She's grabbing her chest, has a retarded expression on her mouth and looks lost when she's trying to be sexy. I just couldn't believe it. Keyshia is not an ugly girl and if "Top Model" has proven, anyone can be made to look glamorous no matter how plain you look. But this cover looks like a bad Sholastic prom pic. "Look this way, huh??? *SNAP!*"

Anywho, have a great Turkey day y'alls!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007!

Howdy folks!

Today's rant shall be one of my favourite topics: coffee.

Many people dislike it, many people live for it. Some think it's delicious, some dislike it but need the caffeine and some just think it's the grossest thing that's edible. I for one love it.

My history with coffee came when I was 10 years old. Every SATURDAY morning, my parents would drink it either at breakfast or when we were out, at McDonald's. As I previously stated, we used to go looking for garage sales like Lindsay seeks coke. I remember my curiosity so I tried it. And I didn't think it was bad, but I sugared the fuck out of it. I didn't drink it regularly but still, it was there. Not like I stunted my growth (I'm pretty tall, specially for a Messikin).

However, it wasn't until I finally landed a 9-5PM position in downtown Chicago (at the age of 20) that I finally joined the zombie ranks of the morning commuters and started drinking it. I would drink ONE cup a day. I tried Starbucks and thought it was so gross! It wasn't until I tried coffee ANYWHERE else that I realized it wasn't so bad and that the drink wasn't intended to taste like boiled dog turds (don't get me started on Starbucks...)lol!

Even then, I only drank it when I worked. Gradually I started incorporating it into my everyday life and I started trying different forms until I found my favourite way to drink it. Black, one spoonful of sugar and just 2 drips of milk. I have one cup in the morning and one in the late afternoon and that is it.

So, my question much is too much coffee to drink in one day?? Working at cafeterias I can assure you that there are people who devour more coffee in one day than regular water. I for one drink plenty of water in a day (and in turn with coffee result in peepee breaks every 40 minutes). I'm very aware of the effects on coffee, the most obvious being the teeth staining aspect and I try my best to not drink too much and too much sugar on it.

But some people think I drink too much. Is that so?

Oh well, we must probe this issue!


Today's word is "ZARANDEO (zarr on DAY oh)"
And it means "a shake (as in a person)"

"No respondió hasta que le di un buen zarandeo=He didn't respond until I have him a good shake"

Friday, November 09, 2007

The cage is golden but it's still a prison..

Howdy folks!

So, for the longest time, I have been talking (to my fellow Mexican acquaintances that is) about this one song that I remember from my childhood. A "norteña" that speaks of an illegal immigrant raising his family in the states only to live in fear and his children dissataching themselves from their roots. I talked about it because I remember the middle interlude being hilariously cheesy with some little beaner boy saying "I don't wanna go back to Mexico! No wey dad!". Me and my brother used to always laugh and say that to my parents.

So it turns out, the song is called "La Jaula De Oro" by Los Tigres Del Norte. Apart from the unintentional humour of the song, it is pretty much a figment of our Mexican-American history and a timeline of the times. And it's so funny how the times have changed. I vividly remember up until shit maybe 1993, it was still uncool for Mexican-Americans to embrace their roots. If you were educated you distanced yourself from anything ethnic and if you were ghetto, you had your own hoodrat existence and the Mexican culture was seen as being ironically "trash". Nowadays I think its much more common for people to take on Mexican peasant culture even if you were born in the States as it is now marketable to Latinos in the USA. Why is it? I think because like African-Americans, Latinos feel that it is their identity and do not want to be a common, culture-less American so embrace the ethnicity of their motherlands. Like I said a thousand times, at the time when I was called "brazer", I was never going to please anyone so I was going to be as beaner as I wanted to be and as Americanized as I wanted to..because I'm only a Mexican to the others and a gringo pocho to the Mexicans. So it is interesting the evolution.

Either way, I have to give a shoutout to a fellow Chicagoan who made a hilarious home video and uploaded it to Youtube. It's dated but very cute!


And of course..


Today's word is "ATAJAR (ott a HARR)"
And it means "to take a shortcut"

"por este rumbo se puede atajar al sitio"="You can shortcut this way to the place"

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

You think you know some things

Little black kids...piping hot shovels that steam when they touch water, a heavy back pack, a row of trees, rain, dead ends in residential areas and silence.

What do these things all have in common? That I would like to know! I just had the most randomest dream and I absolutely cannot explain it. It's amazing how the mind works. I wonder what all this means. I was merely fascinated when I woke up today and remembered all these images. Any dream doctors in the house??

How are you all doing today? Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog. Whether you check it daily or once a month, the fact is, you remembered me and i appreciate it. Nothing out of this world has been going on with me. I have a sporadic schedule at work and the hours placement makes me feel like I'm always on and have no time even though in the end I don't have as many hours clocked as it seems I would have. So that's been fun both working and on paytime when you're dissapointed by the results.

Also, I just got over a fever. A slight one at least. I feel much better but last week I was hot and couldn't thinks straight. I even had to miss work on Saturday (our busiest day for the Hospital) cuz I wasn't feeling it. Oh well, I guess I'm allowed to call in sick sometimes.

I have to say that 2007 year has proven to be a mentally enriching year for me. I hesitate to call it a difficult or my most challenging even though it's all true, but I won't because I am actually quite content that God (because it guides me) put all these pieces together so that I may juggle through this puzzle myself. All these many subtle changes around that make a huge difference in my outlook. Even when I think I'm being punished I know the end result will be more wisdom to continue and to get one step closer to my purpose in life :) And no matter how wise I think I am, I'm always learning more about myself.

Thank you all for reading! Mucho amor para vosotros!!


And today's word is "SENSATO (sense SOUGHT oh)"
And it meants "Wise"

"Fuí lo demasiado sensato al no rendirme tan temprano"="I was wise enough to note give up so early on"

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