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Monday, October 30, 2006

Unalienable rights

Why can't people comprehend that there has to be no explanation to everything that's wrong in the universe? Why must everything have a direct reason for being? When I'm having a crazy mood and don't want to do anything, why must there be a reason? It is my right to have a bad day. bad mood. I don't have to offer explanations.

Not everything has a cure, its best to just let things be and let the universe roll out.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Hey folks! Sorry for no updates. Been running around. Still no word yet on a job, tomorrow I'll know if Best Buy is hiring me. So that's at least one good thing.

I wanted to share one of my finds. Its a trashy trashy trashy cover of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by LOS HOROSCOPOS DE DURANGO. Its done in Durangense (Regional Mexican style) beats.

I swear, this genre in general must not have any creativity. All these groups do nothing but covers!!! I mean the common "naco" won't know the difference, lots of them don't even listen to real music and depend on this peasant shit to educate them on songs. They're like "quien es La 5a Estacion, Edith Marquez y Rocio Jurado"?.

For example, Los Horoscopos de Durango..all but 1 of their songs on their new album are covers. These girls, apart from being really ugly, can't even sing that well. I figured what they lacked in looks they would have in some sort of credible status as an artist. Oh well

Right click and "save as" here to download and let me know what u think!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Cantando Por Un Sueno" contestant who recorded a CD in 1997!


In case u guys don't know this show, this is an embarrasing reality show from Mexico in which a "has been" and a "nobody" pair off in a competition in which the winner gets their dream come true. But get this...their dreams are usually health related! So their dreams are an array of life-threatening ilnesses, crippling disabilities and birth defects!! What kind of fucked up show would pair off people to compete to see if their health issues will get resolved? So the losers basically are SOL. That's an unfortunate way to play with people's emotions and I think its wrong. Its the same as if they were pitting starving people to compete for a bowl of rice!

Anyway, the point of my post is not to critique this show as it is a waste of time...but rather to point out one of my finds. Not sure if any of you watch this, but one of the "dreamers" actually recorded an album in 1997! Her name is Lorena Schlebach and she is teamed up with Alan (ex-MAGNETO) and coached by Arianna, an 80's balladeer (whom I like as well lol) popular for her biggest hit "En Mi Soledad". So in reality,, she's not a "nobody" but more so a "flop artist!"

She recorded this grupera-pop album in 1997 under the name spelling LORENNA. It's called "Contigo Es Amar" and all these songs were written by Marco Antonio Solis. IT's so funny that even though she had all these things going for her (the most obvious her good looks), she still flopped badly and never got a second chance. Now she's a contestant on this reality show, how lame! She was a runner up too in the finale (Rocio Banquells and her nobody won).

Me and my boo boo happened to notice one time when we were watching. We both knew about Lorenna cuz we're both losers who remember nobodies like this. We saw her and said "oh, she's really pretty and can sing well...WAIT A MINUTE?!..Lorenna...pretty..singer?!?!?!". And then we compared and ta-da, it WAS HER!

I took the liberty of sharing a song for you guys, in case you were curious.

Click here to download "Soy Otra".


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mexican pride..

During my 24 and then some years here on Earth, I'd say I've been consciously living my life since the age of 10. By that I mean gaining the ability of asking my own questions and beginning the disatachment from the lies the faith and upbringing has placed upon me.The first 10 years were the "seed sowing" years where things I couldn't understand were planted in me and evrything withing this period blossomed into the flower of life. So I've been alive really for 14 years.

During these years, I've gone through many ups and downs. I've tried many things, listened and saw other points of views on my quest to learn what it is about existance that appeals to me so that I may take my part in this universe.

I've never defined myself, which is something that I never tried to do. I don't look at my past or at my surroundings and put a label as to what to call me, what to think of me or what to expect from me. That of course doesn't stop others from doing that for me. This is done by analizing my clothes, my speech, the music I listen to and every other aspect of a personality. I've never deterred people from doing so, its human nature to segregate. However, it can be easy to fall into these traps that society places and before you know it you find yourself living a life pre-determined. That's why so many people in the ghetto stick to ghetto life, because they start believing that's what they are.

During these times...I've experienced these aforementioned types who try to make a determination of the kind of person I am and attempt to put a label on me. I've been labeled a contradictory amount of things that to recall them makes me laugh. I've heard everything from a beaner, valley girl, nerdy, ghetto, nelly, even to a boy band boy (yeah, lol). It's funny because as I mentioned before, I can never please anyone and no matter what, I can't just be ME.

That is why you'll never see me try to associate myself with Mexican pride, homo pride, fat pride or any other activity that purports to make people into one dimentional beings when in reality, all our layers make us people, not just one. I like every part about me and all the litttle fibers of my years on earth that have bled into my body and soul to make me who I am today, that is why I don't bother to only focus on one of them. I'm gay, I'm a lover, I'm a poet and an anarchist. But most importanly..I'm a person and I'm alive

This came up lately because someone made a comment about me regarding the fact that I'm very vocal and open to talking about Mexico and the music I like. As if somehow it is rare for someone to be PROUD of it as others seem to take their ethnicity as a detrimental part of their acceptance in society. I tried my best to explain "I don't go out of my way to be proud of anything, I'm just me."

Thanks for reading

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Best Buy.....hmmmm

Hey folks,

I just got a call from Best Buy. I had applied online for "merchandising" position i.e. pricing, putting displays etc. They called me back and asked me if I was interested in interviewing. I said yes, but I have this potential yet unsure possibility at the medical staffing facility which is not for sure work. They did tell me at Best Buy what the pay rate, and its slightly more than what I make now. It seems like a cool place to be and I would get a discount on shit. But I am scheduled to interview tomorrow, maybe I can check it out, see what the schedule would be. They did say they would stsrt part time but it may change....hmmm

What do u guys think?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I don't give a flying fuck

Howdy folks!

Sorry for not writing this past week. I've been hella busy. At Tower its still the same shit. Same stupid people, same stupid questions. I've adopted a super rude attitude and now I don't give a fuck who you are. Everythihg must go, what we have is what we have. Don't ask me if something's in stock. I'm not helping you with shit. Tower Records doesn't exist anymore, why should I care.

So as far as my meeting on thursday with the staffing agency, all went well. I just have to fax in this quiz thing about HIPAA (hospital identity protection..etc..I forget) that I have to pass with a 70% score or higher in order to work. Afterwards I'm to call her and get an assignment. I told her I could only do the city and what my abilities are so I should be able to find something and jump ship from Tower. Lord knows i can't stand to be there long enough. The only thing with this agenc is that they're "temp to hire" so they assign people for a time period, then its up to the employer to whether or not they want to hire you full time so its a gamble.

Otherwise, my life has been taken a hold by this situation. That's all I do, look for work and survive my current job. I haven't even had time to eBay some shit and rip LP's for people. Thats extra money but I haven't had time.

On a totally unrelated subject, I found this very interesting house mix by Celine Dion. Yes, that sappy ass bitch used to record pop music before going all AC in the 90's. One of these songs was from 1994 called "Misled". It was produced by Rick Wake, the guy behind Taylor Dayne and early Mariah Carey. I took the liberty of sharing. Enjoy! Click here

Monday, October 09, 2006

What's going on

Hey folks,

Thank u all so much from the bottom of your heart for your concern. I appreciated all the calls and emails. Of course there's nothing I can do but to still look for work.

At Tower, immediately on Saturday, the people from the liquidators who bought Tower brought in their peeps and put posters, sign and tags "Going Out Of Business! Everything Must Go!". It was crazy. But I work for these people now, not Tower. The management has no power anymore, its kind of depressing but hey its business. Our management says they will only stay there out of loyalty to all the employees not to this new company. As long as I'm getting payed I don't care. However...every fucking person, literally EVER person asked me.."You guys are going out of business?!?!?! But why?!!! When is the store closing?!". Questions I have no answers to. Grrrr! I felt like wearing a Billboard "Don't talk to me, I don't know anything". It was an exhausting day, it felt like Christmas. The Cds are only 10% off and people were acting like they were giving it away. I have to work again tomorrow even if I don't want to.

On the bright side, I have an interview with a medical staffing agency this Thursday to possibly get another one of those "temp to hire" positions like I was doing at University of Illinois. It may not be permanent but they pay better than Tower I'm sure. We'll see what happens. Right now I'm going to go out to apply at certain stores. Wish me luck!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tower Records is shutting out of a job

So it may come to no surprise to lots of you...but Tower Records, the company I have been working for since June 05, is finally going out of business as announced today. I have refrained from talking about this matter publicly on my blog, but hey...what are they going to do, fire me??

From the employee aspect, it's not really a big deal, it just sucks that I have to REALLY look for any job at this point. Anything because I can't talk to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (long story, but i'm SOL with them). From the customer aspect, it really sucks because this is where I used to get my import CD singles and latin new releases from. U know not everything is carried by Target, BEst Buy or Wal-Mart. Whenever a new Daniela ROmo compilation (they release a new one every year), Tower would be the only store to have it the day of.

Oh well, I will survive. If anyone out there in Chicago knwos of any jobs, please let me know. I can do retail, coffee shops..I'm qualified for administrative work such as reception, data entry or even mail room duties.

Thanks dude and wish me luck on my rampant job search. Tower will definitel be gone by Halloween. On the bright side, expect "Going Out Of Business" sales soon.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daniela Romo's rare 1979 debut album!

For YEARS...and I must emphazise the word years here..that I have been a fan of Daniela Romo, I have been looking to find this album. Many fans seem to think her singing career started in 1983 when she broke big with "Mentiras". Daniela herself rarely talks about this record. The album was released twice..originally with the title "Tambien Yo" and then again with the title you see above, "Te Pareces Mucho A Mi". It was recorded in 1979 under Discos Disa in Mexico when Daniela was a puppy at the age of 20. All these songs were written by Lolita De La Colina (very famous singer/songwriter..look within your CD collections, you're bound to find a song written by her) and produced by Chucho Ferrer (Juan Gabriel, Estela Nunez, Maria Del Sol..etc). The record was more of a cash-in at that time because Daniela was just getting really popular as an actress in both telenovelas and film. Nevertheless, the album FLOPPED and was laregly ignored. Daniela herself said that she felt she was "too young" to be singing the songs on this record and that's why she feels it flopped. She hadn't found her style and other people were doing it for her. So Daniela went on with her career, kept acting until finally getting it right in 1983 when she released (what was thought to be) her debut for EMI Records produced by Danilo Vaona.

Recently, I finally found a copy of this album!! I swear to God, I have been worshipping Daniela for so long and ever since the dawn of eBay, I had been looking and looking for this. I can say without hyperbole that I payed ALOT for this album. It was a triple digit to say the least, but I don't care...this record is worth it! You can't even fathom how much I love Daniela ROmo's voice. I'm not a crazy stalker person who worships the farts that come out of her ass. I know she's a person and I don't think her higher than God. But I'm that much an admirer of her work and her voice that I was willing to spend so much money on her record. Besides..that's just a testament to how many other crazy fans she had that were willing to pay this much.

But the record itself, despite what Daniela says, is actually very good! It sounds very 70's and I can understand why she feels it was "too old" for her. But as an album, the songs are great and Daniela's young voice did them justice. I'm glad I got this album and it was worth both the money and time.

As a treat, I'm uploading one of my favourite songs from this record. It's a lovely mid-tempo ballad called "Cancion Para Tu Alcoba". Enjoy!

Download here

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