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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stress..stress..stress todo el dia pero mala noche no

I love writing in general and I use written words to express what I feel but my mind goes much too fast for the words to come out right in I depend on words to slow it down and let it flow at a normal rate, allowing all thoughts to spring.

I've been dealing with some personal issues these last 3 days and today is just horrible. Nothing that happened but I just feel like I want to go to sleep and never wake up again, then I forget I'm an adult and I have some sense. I get tired of people being mean to each other and tired of watching myself repeat words everyday. I forget that I have the power to change all that and instead get lost in my own drama.

I'll live, I'll live. I think I should just go to bed and end this day and remember when I wake up tomorrow that I am who controls my steps and only I can put myself in the right direction.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shakira's hips don't indeed lie!

This past Friday August 25, 2006, I attended the Shakira concert here at the United Center. I had a really good time! Though the show was much stripped down, no props no stage theatrics, Shakira still brought the house down with her energy and the fact that she sang mostly in Spanish! She did maybe 5-6 songs out of like kudos to that! I'm sure lots of white people were complaining that "she only sang her Mexican stuff". I did see a couple leave in the last half of the show from my section and never came

She sang "Pies descalzos"!!!!!! I screamed like a loca that she gave props to her highly underrated breakout CD. I don't care what people say about Shakira...yeah she's a sellout but hey...if you had the chance to sell your soul for money, you'd do it too. Besides, she did what she had to do for money but she is the Queen on this tour. She sand what she wanted to sing. I had a great time, I hope to see her again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dip It Low (Reggaeton Remix feat. Voltio)

By Ms. Tina Flores (aka Christina Milian)

Download here, right click and save

I know I'm like 2 years too late, but some of you were asking about this and I decided to share. It's trasharrific.


I'm in no way belittling their studies, even if they're of no point. But I really don't understand the need for Astronomy and all the money we put in into space studies. What is the point of studying rocks in orbits of outer space in trying to find life in other planets when humanity is destroying our Mother Earth? It's retarded

Now science geeks in the Czech Republic have determined that Pluto, our dear 9th planet, is in actuality a moon of Neptune and not a planet, which brings down our solar system to EIGHT planets instead of 9. And this is news why?? I can't believe these idiots spend all this time in trying to determine whether Pluto is a planet or not. Surely they could be doing better things that that! I demand that the people of the world demand their tax funds back that have been implemented into Space programs.

Fuck them all.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My phobia (one of a few)

Ever since I could remember, there has been one thing that freaked me out more than anything and that is fish & marine life. I remember being scared as a child at the supermarket when I saw the fish on the ice at the meat counter.

I can't even look at them. Ugh, those documentaries where they dive into the ocean and show you all the species SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. I get so grossed out. Is that odd? Anyone have a similiar weird phobia? Don't get me to an aquarium, the eels and sting rays will make me run for cover.

Ironically, one of my favourite movies ever is The Little Mermaid :).

Friday, August 18, 2006

Ana Victoria

the daughter of Amanda Miguel y Diego Verdaguer

So, for 2 years now I've owned an advanced copy of Ana Victoria's debut album on Arista Records that was NEVER RELEASED (as they went bankrupt) titled "Love is all...". It's a great album! too bad it never came out. I got this record without expecting much from it. I saw the promo pics she had and they tried to "slutty" her up. Besides, celebrity offspring tend to suck and only get famous by their famous parents. THIS IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH WITH ANA. She has such a beautiful and strong voice! Such a sweet tone. She is not a loud shrieker like her mother but she evokes emotions too. So I like her as an artist and not because I'm a huge fan of Amanda Miguel.

Recently, I found her on Myspace and I wrote to her and left her comment. I'm so geeked, she responded to me! She is so sweet!

Last november, when Amanda Miguel was here in Chicago, I got to meet her and Diego Verdaguer and I asked both of them "When is Ana Victoria's CD coming out?". hahahahaha...she said they told her! Now she knows it was cute!

Sorry..I can't help but be geeked! U can see the comment on my myspace page

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ugly Betty Preview

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ugly Betty

Looks like its really happening for the English "Betty, La Fea". I hope it works out for Salma Hayek, who executed this show. I'm sure lots of you already saw the original and not to mention the current Mexican version "La Fea Mas Bella".

Will the American market care about this show? Who knows, maybe it will be cute and funny. Or completely stupid. I also say that they should have gotten a prettier actress. America Ferrara's already ugly :P

She lost alot of weight though, I'm sure they made her do it. Cuz u know "fat is immediately ugly!". For those curious, the show debuts on on Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 8/7:00 PM ET/CT

Where has my tact gone?

On friday, without giving specifics as I'm not sure who knows who with people who read my blog...I was having a conversation with a girl I know about something and "abortion" came up. Funny enough, this chick is really blunt, crazy and very open to everything so I tend to never think about the shit I talk..u know when I talk shit and such.

I knew this chick had an abortion within this last year and I'm thinking "ok, well she is pro-choice an probably doesn't think too much of it". I made a comment about "scrambling babies and sucking them out. I don't know what the big deal about it is with people, get over it". She looked at me for about 10 seconds and said "you're an idiot" and walked away from me.
She obviously still has issues with her decision, which sucks u know. I hit one of her weak spots and hurt her feelings.

I should have known better right? Luckily she didn't make a big deal out of it and just moved on. I kindly said "well I've never had an abortion, what would I know? I AM an idiot" and it was all good.

I'd love to learn how to read people. Here's a person who u think u can talk to about anything and you stumble upon a weak spot in their personality and not know it. We all have them I guess, gray areas that are forbidden for others to touch. And then there's a person like me with ABSOLUTELY NO FILTERS and says what he wants whenever. But also, on my defense, if I had done something or commited something and still have not completely gotten over it, I would not discuss it with other people for fear of having to open up discussions and explanations and furthermore dig at healing wounds in my I did with this person

Oh well.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Happy friday! I know it's TGIF for some of you...but I still have to work on saturday so for me it's more like a "thursday". :)

Christina Milian's new film "Pulse" opens today. It's a psychological thriller about an evil spirit who uses wireless connections (yep, its true) to travel and get to people. Hahahaha..sounds like a technological "Nightmare on Elm Street". I'd love to go see it, it looks dumb. Maybe I'll find someone to go see it with. Maybe a hot date with a dorky Indian film student...;-)

There was already an 80's horror movie named "Pulse", does anyone remember it? I know a certain sexbox must, he's seen just about every 80's horror movie just like me. But I'm thinking this one is a remake of a Japanese film, aren't they all?

Christina has been promoting this film on talk shows. Now that she got dropped by Def Jam, she has to really work hard at this acting thing until she gets a new deal and HOPEFULLY a new direction in her music. I really don't mind her last CD..but listening to all 3 of her albums, one can note that its trying to be different. And one shouldn't try to be anything..your music should sound like yourself. Christina may not be a great singer..but she's gorgeous and she can with a good direction she can be great! Just look at Beyonce. Both of them girlies are the same, except Beyonce got a bigger booty.

Take a look at this interview from Tuesday she was on Regis n Kelly. She is so pretty!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My template

I need suggestions for a new template. I used to have this exact same one (click here) and then I changed it to the present one. But u know, I get bored and want to change things and I think I'm getting there now. Any suggestions for a cool, simple yet eye catching blog that is EASY TO READ? I don't want one that's all difficult and shit.

Or if u feel u like this one then I'll keep it. Spanks!

Is life an accident?

Are we all just moments in this galaxy or are we, as living creatures, in control of our destinies? Can we really be in control of our destinies and can change the world or are we simply completing the predetermined goal from eons ago set by fate.

I think whatever is meant to happen has happened and that there is always a balance in this universe. As human beings, this is our time and its inevitable for our time to finish to make way for the next stage.

So don't bother fighting, this is our time, enjoy it

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stereotypes and racist thoughts of today

We all get these sometimes..but at least I know I'm being racist. So many people think certain things and miraculously never compute that they are in fact racist.

But I was thinking about this the other day. I look around in Lincoln Park and even in other areas..and the Asian-American girls out there, who are well off and have a decent career, wear nice clothes and are all perky..ALWAYS go out with white men. It never fails. It's just like young gay asian boys..always going out with old white men. Why is that? Do they feel that they can do better than to go with an Asian guy?

It's not a big deal to me..I don't care, I'm all for interracial dating as I feel that it will rid the world of taboo. concern and I'm being totally honest for heterosexual Asian guys! I see so many Asian-american guys who, just like the girls, are well off in their careers, dress well and look decent..but they are dateless and roaming around the groups with OTHER Asian guys. So if Asian girls don't date them...WHO WILL? I feel bad for them, their own kind don't like them. I'll be honest..I'm not too big on Asian guys either..but then again that's ok because like I stated, the gay ones only date older white guys.

I can't help but notice these things. And u pretty Asian girls out there...think about your people. White guys love Asian pussy..but what kind of woman likes Asian cock? Thought so.

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