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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dónde estas, Camila?

In case any of you were interested, Telefutura will begin rerunning "Camila", the 1999 return to (and so far last) telenovelas for Bibi Gaytan!

I missed this one the first time around, at that point I was very dissatached from the world and angry and didn't really watch TV and stuff. But now that I'm back on track I'm going to watch! Bibi is hot and loved her in "Dos Mujeres Un Camino". U guys may remember that I met her as well and my BF insists this novela is really good

So, just thought I would inform! It will re-air starting monday April 2, 2007 at 3:00 P.M Central/4:00PM Eastern. Or for you west coasters...4:00PM Pacific/5:00PM Mt. This novela apparently is a remake of Lucía Méndez's breakout role "Viviana" that was an international hit.

You're fucking cheating on me right?

Have you ever had a realistic dream? One you were so sure of it happened when you wake up? lol. The other night, I had a very detailed dream that me and my lifer were at some outdoor event and he went off to go get something. So then a long time later he's still not there! So I go back to my car (in my dream I had one lol) and call him on his cell. I ask him where he is, I'm here and been waiting for a long time. So he tells me "I had to meet up with someone that lives by the airport". Immediately all these red flags came up, who? why did you have to go just now? Couldn't you tell me? But he was being short on details!

Getting angrier and angrier by his lack of details and apathy, I asked him "You're fucking cheating on me right?". So which he says "maybe", all coy. Ugh! I grew so mad, I told him "all you have to do is tell me, you didn't have to play these games. So just tell me if you are and I'll leave you alone". "Maybe". UGH!

So then I woke up, so mad! I told him about this and I was angry, lol!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Raquel Olmedo on

Tonight I was inspired and figured my diva (re)discovery of 2006 deserved a page on So I went ahead and made one. You guys may remember my post on this woman. It didn't take me a long time, I stole the template from someone else's entry and just changed the content.

Take a look.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I believe in Angels

Ugh, disgusting warm weather we have had all weekend! Here's hoping for more chill! We get enough warmth all year anyway.

Howdy folks! Hope you're all well. I can't exactly orate any venom today. I deal with what I deal and am still standing. No news from me which is good news. Just wanted to reach out to all my favourite people, the readers of this blog and wish you all a happy spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Let's Talk About Sex Baby

A funny fact for me at least is that I've never in my life payed for condoms! Really. O.K. what's going through your mind right now about me?

Lol! Of course I've used them everytime I had sex (prior to my monogamy) but I always got them for free at clinics and sometimes even on the street! You know in BOystown they have those trucks and alot of times I'd be out on Friday nights I'd get them for free. Heeeey :) Mind u they really came in handy the first time I had sex. I remember because I was not planning on it and it sort of happened. But I'm pretty sure I was not going to be stupid enough to have sex without the condoms but still, it's a good thing I had them there. Then I had more money to drink :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nada mas?

Hey folks.

So this week I actually worked! though my 2 week assigment was cut short and I was only needed for 2 days :( Oh well. still, it was nice to work and get out of the house for a few days! Too bad I couldn't keep going, I really needed the money. Hopefully I will get a new assignment this week.

Today is Chicagosexbox's birthday. Happy birthday girl! Though you may not realize it and the feelign may not be as mutual with you, I am really fond of you and I respect you for being who you are. Hope you have a great birthday outing!

Other than that, nothing else is new with me. I can't wait to get paid on wednesday for my 2 days of work! :) It will go nice with my unemployment check I will receive next week was well.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Diosito santo al fin..

So on my last post, about the staffing agency...just like I assumed they sent someone else for the assignment since they couldn't get a hold of me. They blamed it on problems with their phone. What are the odds that they would have problems with their phone AND I would not be around to take their call right when I need work?

But on the bright side..I just got a call from them again saying they need someone else for the next 2 weeks! So I'll start tomorrow! Yay! It's not A JOB but its work! Who knows it may even lead to something else or other leads

I'm just glad I now will have something to do.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hey hey.

Thanks for coming by! It just seems like quietness is what my mind feels so I've been feeling less inspired lately. But there's lotsa things to talk about.

I'm still unemployed however, I went to a temp agency last week and they called me on thursday about a possible 2 week position, to which of course I said yes! But I was told I would get a call the next day to see if I were to start on Monday or the following Monday. So since I don't have a cell phone anymore, I've been using my home phone. I had a job interview at 6:30PM (believe it or not) and was not home when she finally called at 10 mins to 6 that evening saying that yes indeed they need me for monday. So of course she wasn't there on the weekend so now I don't know if they are going to send someone else. I guess I can can her first thing monday morning but the position starts at 8:30AM and the employment agency doesn't open til 9. So what am I supposed to do, just go to where I was supposed to go? What if they sent someone else? Weird.

And alas..I got a call today from a dentists office saying they wanted to interview me on monday! So I dunno what to do..go to the interview or get this position! Choices choices. So I have a busy monday. I hope I get to work, I need this bad :( .

You guys may remember froma previous post that I mentioned that a good friend of the family was diagnosed with cancer? Well she went in to get the lump removed..all went well and not even a week later did they tell her she needs to go back because they found another one when doing a biopsy on her mammory glands. So of course she was freaking out. Now she had that removed and will undergo chemotherapy. We're all praying for her so that she may never have to see an O.R. again.

I've been less and less inspired to go out or call people. It's like they all ask me the same questions that I get tired of answering myself "Yeah I'm still looking...yep I've done this and that...I've also..etc etc" that I would just rather avoid it altogether. I'd rather not go to social functions or gatherings. Is that weird? Its not that I enjoy being alone but I'd rather stop having to verbalize my struggles when I hate having to deal with them myself.

I'll survive.

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