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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Life has been good to me so far. I think each day i live is a new adventure. And while alot of people may not consider my life very adventurous, I myself enjoy every minute of it because NOTHING is ever constant with me. I hesitate to use the word "wrong" when describing something is never in balance with the rest of the things going on in my life. That is if I'm extremely happy something happens to remind me i'm mortal...if i'm extremely poor something comes along that's only temporary but cannot do it because of money...if i'm so sad everyone else around me is so happy.

Each day is a different scenario to me with a different issue, so I never get bored of my life. And I love it! in the imperfections and imbalances of life I find a reason to continue for in the end a cloudy rainstorm is needed to enrich the garden.


I loved this. I really needed it. I try my best to live my life al maximo. "No regrets"

Awww...I really needed you George :) Someone reading my blog is love

I have been pretty bad about posting blogs... arrgh. But I love it when you post stuff! Siempre than genuino! George

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