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Friday, March 31, 2006

Lack of decency in modern parenting.

Hey guys,

I can't help but be disgusted sometimes when I see parents with their kids and see them not treating them as a person. Alot of the times, they'll talk to their kids as you would your pets "Shut up, stay here! Keep quiet! Don't go there!", and pull them each and every way. This is the time when they're building pieces of what will be their personality, if you don't treat them like a person they won't grow up thinking of themselves that way. Horrible. I think I talk to my doggie more as a person than most parents do to their kids. My dog listens to me, if he gets something stuck or he wants something, I tell him "you let it go there, you get it". And he does!

The other thing that disgusts me with parents is when they're with their kids, let's say at a store or buying ice cream or somewhere, or even worse, in the park...and they're talking away on their cell phones! That just irks my nerves. This is supposed to be "their time with the kids" and they treat them as something that doesn't deserve to be acknowledged. I tend to feel that parents who do this don't feel their children are a responsibility and a gift from god...but rather a burdenous commitment they feel they have to fulfill, like going to church or the dentist. These children are going to grow up thinking they're not important in their parents eyes and have a big dent in their self-esteem.

I feel bad for kids growing up with "modern parenting". Parents put their jobs, their friends, their own pleasure instead of their kids, and they feel they have to supposedly dedicate ONE DAY to their kids to do what "they" want...and when they do, they talk away on their phones and belittle their existance.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Really elaborate sex dream

I just woke up from having a very detailed sex dream.

I was walking by, exiting from my office (?), and I noticed in the lobby there was this dark latino boy with shorty spiky hair looking at me as I was walking out the door. He was wearing a bright red shirt, green corduroy jacket and brown pants. He kept smiling as I was walking out the door, so I smiled back. We kept looking at each other as I was exiting, so I decided to walk back and go up to him. I introduced myself and our eyes were passionately looking at one another. He said he was waiting for someone. So I said "Ok, well maybe we'll see each other again" and started to walk out again. He then said, to himself but I could hear him, "You come here and get me all reeved up". So then I look at him and say "Why don't we step outside?". He got up and proceeded on down to the bathroom. When I walk in, me and him were passionately making out, I then turned him around and bent him over, still dressed. I was feeling his big big ass and asking him what he wanted me to do with it. I pulled his pants down but not his undies. I rubbed my hard on his ass, getting him all worked up. He asked me to give it to him hard so I ripped them off, spit in it and fucked his ass bareback over the bathroom sink over the mirror.

Mind you this was a dream, that's what justified the "barebacking", I would never do that with any stranger

Monday, March 27, 2006

"La Madrastra"

Translation: Step-mother

What it means? It's 2004-2005's biggest soap opera in Mexico and was JUST released on DVD. I bought this on Saturday with the intentions of watching's fantastic, but there's one boyfried is HOOKED!

Ever since I popped it in on Saturday, he has wanted to do nothing else but to watch "La Madrastra"! He is like addicted to it as Whitney Houston is to crack. It's hilarious but at the same time I feel like I lost my boo boo. Damn u Televisa soap operas!

For those interested in the's a really fantastic "Who Done It?!" type of soap opera. María was framed for the murder of her best friend that she didn't commit and was jailed for 20 years. Time in which her husband and family decided to erase her existance completely from her children and tried to rebuild their lives. After being freed, she longs to have her family returned to her and plots her revenge and embarks on her journey for retribution and finding out the real person who killed her friend Patricia. It's a fantastic story so far, very thrilling! I remember my mother was obsessed with this telenovela and was always curious about it. But I decided to wait for the DVD, cuz not only can u watch at your leisure but they edit out all the filler scenes and gets straight to the point. It contains ENGLISH SUBTITLES for those interested and are Spanish language-impaired

Other than that, I've been my usual self. I got my tax-refund, though it wasn't much because I don't have any children to support or any tuition to pay, I still am happy to have received something. 2005 was a crazy year for me for many reasons. I worked for half the year and the other half I was on unemployment. I celebrated and bought "South Park Season 7" featuring "Jennifer Lopez". hahaha. It was worth it for that episode alone.

Otherwise, the uphill battle continues. My mother's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to think of what to get my mammy.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Rest in Peace, ROCIO DURCAL

She shall be missed


How fucking odd that only a month ago, I wrote a detailed post on my blog about her! And now she's passed! I knew of her battle with cancer but I seriously never expected her to succumb. I feel so shocked almost.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Casually running into certain people after a few years

"Like, oh my god! how you been! It's been years! You look good! So how's *insert name here*?"

You know those phoney conversations..hehe. But seriously..Last night at work, I was doing my thing and to the side of me, I notice that while I was on the phone (with a customer, not a personal call I swear), there was a guy standing next to me, and I'm thinking "what the fuck?!". So when I'm done I give him this look as if implying "yeeeeeeees...what do u want?". He then says "Is your name ..?" So I look at him, completely clueless as to who he was and said yes..Almost immediately after saying that though, I recognized him.

He was a guy I was "seeing" about 4 years ago, who curiously worked at another record store and is which where I met him. For respect of his privacy, I won't mention his name for if some freaksih reason he finds this blog. But yes, I saw seeing in quotation marks because it was a very very very weird situation. I would go into this record store and he'd always try to chat me up. I didn't mind, when someone is obviously trying to mack, I get flattered and am very nice as opposed to getting all "as if!". So after a few encounters, he made me a CD (how cute!) and asked me if I wanted to exchange phone numbers. I thought "oh boy..." but to be nice I did, I even gave him my real number! I wasn't expecting a call but he like called me within the next 2 days, really late now that I think of it on a Saturday night. So to say he "asked if I wanted to go out". At the time I was you know, out and exploring my male anatomies...and I thought "sure". So we supposedly wen't out like, twice maybe?'s the weird thing....this guy never wanted to kiss me or hold my hand! As a matter of fact, we never kissed!!! THAT was what really weirded me out. I thought "Ok you obviously have other intentions with me...what's your problem?". Mind you this guy was like 4 years older than me, and I was like close to 20 at that time. When I asked him what was going on, he said "he was scared that I wouldn't like it". I told him "If i thought you were repulsive why would I even give you my number?". I mean the guy was a cute black dude. I could tell that this person had VERY personal issues..and this was WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH to divulge to someone like me...and to someone you're trying to mack! You deal with your personal issues with men on your own, don't expect random strangers you mack with to be patient. So it's safe to say I never saw him again.

So yes, last night he went up to me. I was like "Oooooh!" and I gave him a hug and had the standard greeting posted above, hahahaha. I was nice, wasn't I? The odd part is that this past Sunday, i ran into a guy I was seeing in 2001 too, but I pretended I didn't know him. Is this "run into old flings week"?? Hehehehe

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hard to find DANIELA ROMO albums in iTunes!!!

Sorry, I just couldn't help my giddiness.

Though this is not something I was looking for, TWO Daniela Romo albums that are semi-hard to find are now on iTunes! 1991's "Amada Mas Que Nunca" and her 80's gem "Gitana"!

Those of u looking to fill yourselves in on Daniela Romo should check out these albums. "Amada Mas Que Nunca", recorded in 1991, has alot of lovely ballads but includes some upbeat 90's "Ruleta Rusa", "Añicos" and of course, her mega-hit "Todo, todo, todo". One of her gayest songs is on this record too..called "Nadie entiende". It's clearly about a gay situation on love...mmmmmm

"Nadie entiende que podamos convivir - tan distintos los dos - nadie entiende que lo nuestro es natural - como el bien como el mal"

Now "Gitana" Her last 80's pop album before embracing Adult Contemporary. She would not record such a current danceable pop album until 2001. Recorded in 1987 and produced in part by Loris Ceroni, this CD has such great danceable tracks like "Gitana", "El Poder Del Amor" and her duet with inferior singer Mijares on "Hay Un Sitio Libre De Mi Corazon". Take a listen to her ballad "El Diablo En Mi Tejado" so you can hear her divaness shine. She releases full power on that one. One of my favourite Daniela Romo songs is on this album too..."Diez Minutos De Amor", a song about love that starts off great and eventually fizzles out until one is bored of the other.

Link to iTunes "Gitana"

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fucking ben!

I saw him again last night..I was getting ready to go to bed so I got up and was taking my DVD out of the player. I look down and right by the door, the fucker was just casually walking across towards the back of my CD shelf. *Shudder*

We are so out of here by the summer..

Monday, March 20, 2006

Nightmare on eBay land.

Be careful to who you sell shit to on Ebay folks

For the last week I've had eBay drama. I've been selling items (due to the nature of the items, I cannot disclose info on what it is I sell for it could incriminate those of u who know what I sell please keep it to yourselves) for a while and been reaping alot of that I desperately need at the moment as I get shit for pay at my current job. If it weren't for my eBay business I wouldn't have enough to eat.

So one of my items gets bought by some idiot who did NOT read what it is I was selling. Mind you, I posted the item with a Spanish description, being that I figured Spanish speakers would be more likely to want this..and so far it has been working well on both ends..the eBay end and customer end. This person misunderstood what I was selling and insisted I send her everything I listed on my auction description. So I replied "I'm sorry but if your Spanish was not on the level you should have asked me for a translation, I would have been more than happy as that is what I'm here for". So then this chola got completely out of order and started saying "No you don't know Spanish...blah blah blah". Yeah apparently I don't "know" Spanish bitch.

Spanish readers (especially you Lin, you're a native) judge my grammar please.


Se vende -----. Encontrar ---- no es nada facil, aprovechen esta oportunidad! Desde --- hasta , podras eligir 1 -- al precio pedido. Si hay preguntas o dudas, favor de mandarme un e-mail que estoy a sus ordenes. Gracias por visitar"

Was that implying I was selling everything described for one price? NOBODY HAS HAD A PROBLEM before, everyone understood and at the end of the auction they'd specify what they want or HOW much they want. Not this heiffer. Was this grammatically incorrect? I'm wording it out as having a CHOICE, am I wrong?

Anywho, this heiffer got COMPLETELY STUPID with me, and rewrote everything in her own words and called me "stupid". THIS is what she wrote and saying this is how I should word it since I don't "know" Spanish, obviously

Tengo --. El ganador escojera una --- por 7.99.
si usted desee otro(s) mas, cada uno addicionales "

le cuestara 7.99 (cada uno) "

I'm like ..."what the fuck?! This sentence is swimming with grammatical errors!". So all I said "Before giving me Spanish lessons, you should re-check your own skills because "cuestara" doesn't make's "costara" or "costaría" depending on if it's conditional. And "uno adicionales" should be "uno adicional" because the word "uno" is singular and requires a singular adjective. Your wording is incorrect".

So then SHE replies

"how about ; eres un pendejo,por argumentar un caso perdido. por querer
vender --- te llevaste a la chingada. i hope you
learned to be polite to your customers...o and by the way, i thought you
were a chick because you argue and bitch like one. Good luck and happy

She also send me about 3 other messages in correlation to what I was selling, but be sure they were very distasteful. She had the nerve to report me on eBay for selling items that didn't fit the description. So I then reported her for 3 counts of "I am being harrassed by this ebayer" because the dumbass was saying all this through EBay's messaging system. Pendeja. I hope she got banned.

So that's been my adventure. Hahahaha. I picture the dumb broad to look like some really old fat chola in East L.A. Her name is Wendy apparently.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gay men are beasts

Hey hey..

I slept for 14 hours today! Holy shit! What's wrong with me?! I haven't done that since I was a kid. I used to be able to sleep all day if allowed. Now I'm an insomniac, perhaps it's catching up to me. I'm going to look like an old man by the time I'm 30. I already act like one.

When I was lying in bed earlier today, don't ask why but I flashed back to 2002, when I reached my peak and my dissilusionment in men. I had spent the last 2 years at that point going out and fucking whomever I met online, at libraries and coffee shops (I was and am a nerd) and anywhere else. And in 2002 I was very promiscuous..I was in shape. I had money and everything. I figured I was happy. So at that time I was actually looking for something serious. I would meet a guy with good intentions, and of course they supposedly were into something serious. HOW WRONG THEY WERE. Don't ever let men fool you, they all lie. Every guy supposedly wanted something serious..we'd go out, la lalala, make out, fuck if applicable but soon as the next day comes or the next date comes (as I never went out on more than 2 dates with someone), they'd always tend to get bored with me and just not call me anymore. And I am not one of those persistent losers either, if I call you and you don't call me back, I stop. So alot of that happened.

I used to get really sad about that, I really did. I felt I had alot of love to give and everytime something like that happened, I would really let it get to me and brought back down my self esteem, and I turned 14 all over...feeling like there was something wrong with me, that I was a freak and no one with decency would ever want anything to do with me. That's a rather harsh state of mind but it's the truth. You can be so sure of yourself and put yourself out there and open yourself up to people but as soon as you get treated in such a shady way like not acknowledging you afterwards, no matter who you are it hurts, even if it was by your own permission.

I grew bitter and snapped out of it though. I realized, and it's the truth for those of you reading and feeling the same way, that whoever doesn't see all the good that you have in you and all your effort in letting someone in your heart, than this person doesn't deserve your time. This person is the unlucky fool who fails to see what a treasure you are, because anyone who feels these kinds of feelings is a true lover.

So, by the end of 2002, I was fed up with all men. I developed an equally unfair mentality in thinking ALL GAY MEN ARE SEXUAL BEASTS AND NOT PEOPLE. They're all the same and only only only want sex..and once they get it from you, they get bored. Love is not possible with gay men, they're just driven by dick and not thoughts. If being gay was not about sex but rather common interests and compassion, then what is stopping you from dating a woman if it isn't about the sex? This was my state of mind back then as a result of my mistreatement from all the guys I supposedly dated with serious intentions back then. So I saved up alot of money as I was living with my parents, quit my job at a Telephone Service Company and went away for a few months to Mexico. I was happy....but alone. That's a whole other chapter of my life story though.

I'm really glad to realize I was wrong about gay men. Because had I not met my life saver, my man, my boo boo..I would have lived my life alone. I truly believe I found the biggest equally weird guy, just like me. And if this doesn't work out, then I really will know I gave it my all and that love in the gay world really isn't possible. I will be through and live my life as a lonely soul with 10 dogs.

Monday, March 13, 2006

All about Selena Quintanilla

One can say Selena's father, Abraham Quintanilla is a money hungry asshole who milks everything he can in his daughter's name for money. He doesn't give all of it away to charity and every year he releases compilations just to extract more money. All of this is true

Let's take a minute though and reflect upon the GOOD that Abraham Quintanilla has done. Aside from releasing actual rarities that had Selena not died would have never been heard, he has really popularized Selena and helped her name rise to almost Elvis-esque levels, at least in the USA Spanish world. She's become an idol and so so so so SO many aspiring Latino singers emulate her style. She brought RnB stylings to Spanish which is a good thing.

Selena's music crossed over to the English market's psyche. Everyone knows who she is, because of that movie he produced with Gregory Nava. Because of it, he has exposed lots of non-Latinos to TEJANO, GRUPERO and RANCHERA what otherwise they would have never been familiar with. I think that's a great thing and is something that has done alot of good to expose different styles of Latin music to other markets. There has never been anything in pop culture that has crossed over from Regional Mexican/American world and I am happy that Selena's music has done so.

Now the worst thing that has happened after her death....because of Selena, the movie, it brought Jennifer Lopez to the mainstream and created a talentless, tone deaf monster who is not even pretty! She must have sold her soul to the devil, there is nothing uniique about her, but she has managed to become a top figure in the entertainment business and it's all Selena's fault. BEcause of this film, she got the idea to launch herself as a singer.

Now that I mention the movie, I want to discuss a rather TASTELESS thing that I noticed yesterday that came about this film. When the movie was set for release in March of 1997, Abraham launched the first (of many many more to come) posthomous compilation that had rarities titled "Siempre Selena". Thhey released to radio and television a single, a ranchera recorded for "Don Juan De MArco" (film she cameoed in and sang in) but never used titled "Siempre HAce Frio". It's a cover of Cuco Sanchez. There are two things wrong, SO wrong in this action.

The first...the video! JEnnifer Lopez's silhouette is used, dressed as Selena in the Astrodome and she is lip-synching parts of the song in a dimly lit shadow and she is projected images upon her of Selena's performances. That is so disrespectful to Selena. It's implying that Selena can be replaced by JEnnifer Lopez and she is simply something that can be brought back with a puppet like JEnnifer, which is all J.lo is anyway, a puppet who can be ANYBODY. I had never seen this video before and I only found out about it last night.

The second..the song itself! Selena had just passed away, and the lyrics of this song say "Matame cielo, quiero morirme, tragame tierra".. Talk about picking on healing wounds! How could Abraham release this song?! Does he not have a heart??? I can't believe that a father who lost his child would be willing to listen to a song which speaks of wishing to die. And more so knowing that so many people loved her. I always found this song disturbing at the time...but now after 10 years I can appreciate it. Abraham should have waited.

So that's it folks, thanks for reading my ramblings about Selena. I recently have been re-listening to alot of her material and just remembered how much of a rarity she was. Oh well, I hope she's watching down on us.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Message for all you coconuts

Coconut=1. (n) palm tree fruit 2. (adj) person (usually of Mexican background) who is stereotypically "brown on the outside and white on the inside".

So all you coconuts out there, not only is it stupid to deny your culture and try your best to hate every part of yourself that is Latino...but it's really a wasted effort to try to be stereotypically a white American (that is, no culture)...because no matter what, in the eyes of the white man you are a spic and an illegal immigrant, like all the others.

Take note, Jessica Alba.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh I'm so sleepy..and beef

Why do I have to be such an insomniac? I swear no matter what time I got up or how tired I am, I can never sleep before 3:00A.M. I hate it when I work in the morning, because then I have to get up at 6:00 and am so tired (like today). Grrrr. I need lotsa work done.

I normally don't do any of these posts...but I had to comment on a HOT MAN. He is a kickboxer named Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and he is from Brazil. I discovered him once when I was browsing through people's magazines (at work) and saw him on the cover of one and thought "mmmmmmmm".

Ayyy mama...he can kick my ass anytime....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, March 06, 2006

Racist moment of the day.

I was walking back to work on my break the other day when I saw something very impressive. An Asian girl was not only driving an SUV and talking on her cell phone, but she managed to actually parallel park correctly on a busy street. What a trailblazer for Asian drivers and their bad reps.

El canto de las sirenas

Late at night, I was watching TV and I flipped over to "Telefutura", the Univision sister network. There was an infomercial playing for a TIME LIFE CD collection and I paused for a second because I recognized the voice. So I watched and realized, it's DANIELA ROMO! Holy shit! She along with Ignacio Mendez (master of Ranchera music) was selling and presenting this collection.

My diva is an infomercial queen! One more thing to her resumé. The collection itself is pretty cool! You'd think I picked it. It consists of 8 CD's full of the best Spanish female vocalists of all time, from Chabuca Granda to Litzy. Daniela herself wears 3 different outfits during the 30 minute run and at one point sings live!! God I love her, even if she's on an infomercial. I'd like to record this and keep it, so in the future I can see it again.

You know what's weird about this collection...they included 2 Massiel songs (thank god they did, otherwise I would have raised hell) and the songs they chose aren't even her big hits! Odd choices...instead of the obvious "Rosas En El Mar" and "Brindaremos Por El"....they chose 2 songs from her 80's material..the funky "Mala Hieba (Super Lover)" and the nice diva anthem "Corazón de hierro".

You can find out more about it on the website, including track lists.

RBD are evil

Wow folks..

so sorry for not writing in a week, I've been so busy. I really wanted to come in here and bitch about things, there's plenty of things to bitch about this week.

This past tuesday, RBD (Rebelde) tickets went on sale. For those who don't know...the group RBD is a studio creation that was spawned from a teen TV soap opera in Mexico titled "Rebelde". The incredible thing that besides the fact that all these kids are actors and one former teen has-been (Anahi), the group is incredibly huge! I don't get it, they are nothing special, NONE of them can sing and they're not even cute. That one guy is but compared to the rest of them he stands out. Anywho, tickets went on sale on tuesday and you wouldn't believe how many people were at Tower waiting in line at the Ticketmaster. I hadn't seen so many Mexican families since last September's parade..hahaha. All racist jokes aside, it is incredible! Fucking Televisa (the network) must have made a pact with the devil!

RBD's grasp is a very palpable one. They have taken over gays, young ones, older folks..even my own boyfried is a fan! They are evil and must be stopped, there is no other explanation to this fenomenom. They are playing 2 shows at the All-State Arena (20,000 seats)! That is unheard of for a new Spanish act! Only Mana, Vicente Fernandez and Luis Miguel can sell out stadiums like that in USA cities. Amazing.

For those interested, the concerts are May 19 and 20th.

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