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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Experiencia Religiosa

I find it amazing that Enrique Iglesias has had a solid career for 13 years now in the Spanish world.  He has one of the most untangible voices in pop music, up there with Paula Abdul and Madonna....yet all his hits in Spanish are ballads!

I really don't understand it. How can someone with such a lack of vocal technique appeal to people with love songs??? What do people find appealing about it? Even fucking Paulina Rubio and Thalia, who have the thinnest voices in pop, can carry a ballad to the end at least.

So on that note...about his recent "best of" CD. I find it curious how it supposedly covers his number ones of the last 13 years...yet apart from his new songs his last hit included here is from 2002 hee hee. He ignored the Spanish versions of his english "hits" off his last albums.


Enrique has a very whiny voice. I own all of his albums but he is pretty hit or miss. And what are you talking about, "Dimelo" is included on this album. That was from 2007. I was shocked at how well the song did to be quite honest.

Too bad they left off "Solo Me Importas Tu". it's a great dance track a la "Waiting For Tonight' and it was never on any of his albums. Oh well!

Silly me, I didn't realize there was a DELUXE version with 5 more songs that does include "Dimelo". But yeah...where is "Escapar" and "Solo Me Importas tu".? Pura balada..bah!

Dimelo is on all of the versions because it was a #1. I know this because I just was at the store and bought the cd, LOL. yes, I am a loser. However, it just clicked why some songs are missing.....they obviously weren't #1 on Billboards Latin Chart. This seems to be a "Number One" collection similar to what mariah Carey did back in the day.

Oh well, I am off to listen to crappy whiny ballads :)

My first time in your blog and I love it..I see that we have a lot in common! but anyways, yes it is unexplicable how no talent Madonna and Enrique iglesias who sounds HORRIBLE live can make so many great hits....the wonders a studio can do for u...i am a hypocrite because i love britney, Janet, some madonna (not all), and most of enrique and ricky martin who ALL have very weak voice. but then again I love Christina and Mariah is my fave singer of all time, so at least I recognize talent when some people will swear Miley cyrus is th ebest singer in the world hahah...i lvoe novelas btw...just had to put that out there


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