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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dream on!

Omg! I loooooove this show! I was so excited, yesterday at Tower I was looking at the "used DVD" bin at the rental section, and I found the entire first 2 seasons for 9.99 used! Yay!

"Dream On" was such a great show, though I could rarely watch it could it was always on late (cuz it had lots of sex) and on cable. It was I think HBO's first major show, along with Tales From The Crypt. It was a popular series that made people subscribe to watch.

However, when will they release the rest of the seasons? Anyone know? They released this 2 years ago and no "Season 3". That season features Salma Hayek

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Skinny" comments are ok..."Fat" comments, "how dare you!"


There are many things that people seem to be ok to tell people to not do. You can tell people "Don't drink, it's bad". You can even publicly scold someone for smoking and still somehow its acceptable. You can even ridicule someone about how "thin" they are..make comments like "my god! you're so skinny! eat something!". Yet say something about how "fat" someone is, and that is immediately taken as an insult and an immediate offense.

Why is it that we can tell people not to do certain things yet its offensive only when you comment on "fatness"? It's a double standard by all definition. One shouldn't cast judgement, even if for health reasons. And if you really want to talk about health reasons, I think obesity can kill you alot faster than smoking or drinking. Yet people can refuse to sell alcohol to an obvious drunk at a licquor store....can we stop a 300Lb person with 4 chins and an ass as big as Texas from buying that triple cheeseburger and jumbo fries? Why don't we refuse junk food to obesity ridden folks, it's "for their own good and health" isn't it?

Next time you see a fat person eating like this or wabbling down the street eating a king size snickers, donut, ice cream bar...etc...tell them to "put that down and stop! You're killing yourself!"

I for one, am all for it...and should this be deemed "innapropriate and rude ", then so should telling people not to smoke, not to drink..or to tell a skinny person to "eat something".

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Goddamned cripples and damn u C.T.A.!


What the fuck!>!?!!! So this afternoon, I was going to work as I started at 12:30. I was on time, got on the bus and everything was fine. Then some dude in a wheelchair was going to get on. Ugh! I always roll my eyes when this happens. Not to be evil, but the bus always takes 2 minutes when they get on, and 2 minutes when they get off because they have to roll out that silly lift thing they have on the entrance. It always takes forever. I know that wheelchair bound people have to get around, but damn still, I can't help but be frustrated when I'm in a hurry.

Not only did this thing stop for a while, it got stuck!!! The fucking thing got stuck and they couldn't move it in any direction. So the lift was sticking out of the doors. The bus couldn't drive like that and it couldn't move. So I had to wait for lik 10 minutes for the next bus! Grrrrr! If only that guy wasn't there, I would have been fine. Damn cripples, don't they have those vans that trapsort them? THEN when the bus got there, I still had to wait a couple minutes for the dude to get on the bus. Es el colmo!

On that note, the CTA should really get their shit together! This is all their fault. This is like the 4th time this has happened...and it always always ALWAYS seems to happen when I barely have enough time to get to work. It never happens on my way home or when I'm early with time. If they want to have the facilities, they should test their equipment before the buses pull out. It makes everyone wait longer!

I know I'm going to hell for saying this...but whatever.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The GAYEST you can go without being a transexual..

Juan Gabriel - Besame It AMAZES me how much this person was and is so important in Mexican music. Such a "Machista" country embraced and welcome a man with a flame bigger than a propane grill...

The man is a genius of melody and writes some amazing songs...but I can't help but respect him for establishing himself so firmly and placing such a strong hold in the Mexican market by still being a flaming homosexual in a country that is sexist and praises the macho attitude. This video is him boogie down

Friday, April 21, 2006

The last time you kept repeating a song over and over?


The last time I can remembe repeating a song over and over because I liked it so damn much was probably Lumidee's "Never Leave You (Uh Oh)".. Hahaha, how ghetto eh? It's been a while for me

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Soy un desastre = "I'm a disaster"

" Solo han pasado, algunos dias
todo a cambiado, con tu partida
hay platos sucios, en la cocina
Y un perro triste, que no te olvida
Hoy me doy cuenta, que me haces falta
y me pregunto, que pasaria
Si derrepente, tu te marcharas
para siempre, de mi vida

Soy un desastre cuando tu te vas de casa
en el armario ya no encuentro las corbatas
Soy un desastre y ya no se lo que pasa
ya estoy cansado de comidas enlatadas
Soy un desastre y sin ti yo estoy perdido
tus vacaciones estropean mis sentidos
soy un desastre y me siento confundido
quiero decirte que ya basta de caprichos
soy un desastre, soy un desastre
soy un desastre, soy un desastre sin ti
soy un desastre, soy un desastre
soy un desastre, soy un desastre sin ti

This song translates to "I'm a disaster" and says

It's only been a few days
everything's changed since you went away
There's dirty plates in the kitchen
and a sad dog that can't forget you
Today I realize that I need you
And I ask myself what were to happen
If suddenly, you went away
Forever from my life

I'm a disaster when you're not home
I can't find my ties in the closet
I'm a disaster and I don't know what's the matter
I'm getting tired of eating canned food
I'm a disaster and without you I am lost
your vacations spoil my feelings
I'm a disaster and I'm feeling confused
I want to say that it's enough now of your child play
I'm a disaster, I'm a disaster...etc

You guys get the point..This song dates back to 1985 from Mexican pop group TIMBIRICHE, same teen group that eventually spawned Paulina Rubio, Thalia, Sasha, Edith Marquez, Bibi Gaytan and many others. At the time most of them were between 12-15 years old and the one singing the song was a 14 year old Diego Schoening

I can't even begin to discuss how WRONG this song is. Look at the lyrics, they're incredibly sexist and shallow. The song is being sung by a TEEN group whose fanbase was juvenile. What message is this giving to kids. "Oh look girls! This is the role you will play when you grow up! You get to be a doormat!". I mean if this song is supposed to be about missing somebody, why the shallow lyrics? Was this a joke?

You'd be surprised how many people love this song yet never realize it's the Chauvinist anthem.

Friday, April 14, 2006

"Uta maiz...ando bien pedo.." head!

Last night, as u may have read on a previous post, I went to see KEYSHIA COLE and GOAPELE at the House Of Blues. I went with my good friend Angelica, whom I really hadn't hung out with in honestly almost 2 years! That's a shame considering we were sisters a long time ago. But u know, shit happens and schedules conflict and hence why we really aren't as tight as we once were. But it was nice to hang out again.

Since the show was scheduled at 11:45, we met up at around 10:30 around the House of Blues, so we figured we could get a drink. We bought a bottle of wine and drank it...then it turned into 2 bottles..Safe to say we weren't exactly aware by that point. So then it's around 12:00AM and thought "oh, well let's go!". So we went to the HOB and, they were barely letting people in! And since she had an opening act, we figured we had more time to kill. So we got 1 more bottle of wine....then another....AND THEN ANOTHER! Yes kiddies...let's do the math, we drank 5 bottles of wine among 2 people! Crazy, we were sooooo fucked up. Then it was 1:15AM and THEN decided to go in. Well chirruns, they all must have had short sets or the opening act didn't come in...because we completely missed Goapele and got there just in time to see Keyshia.

It was alot of fun, considering me and Angelica were wasted. She got to sing my song, "I Should Have Cheated" and then "Love". Her set was so short and she didn't even do an encore! I should have asked for my money back.......oh wait, I didn't pay cuz I was on the guest list. Look at me being all complaintful and shit.

Oh well, I have to go into work and still feel drunk. I took 2 extra strength tylenol and ordered a big cheeseburger and fries. Grease is the best remedy you know..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Celebrity encounter at work

Working retail in such a busy location in Lincoln Park and consequentally because of the neighborhood, there are plenty of celebrities who stop by and stuff. I never make a big deal and in fact, most of the times, I'm quite apathetic to their celebrity status and go about treating them with the same courtesy as I would any other common schmoe. That is until today...

I was working the register today, all day...and sometime in the late afternoon, this woman and child, maybe about 8 years old..comes up to the register. Yaddah yaddah (I'm using the "Seinfeld" method to condense the story, hehehe) and then, when I look at the woman's face again....I immediately recognized her, but was second guessing I stupidly asked, "Are you Anna Chlumsky??"

Anna Chlumsky, as some of you know, was a child actor most famous for her role opposite Macauley Culkin in "My Girl". I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid, it used to be on cable 24/7 and always sat down and watched it.

Anywho, back on track..Anna seemed genuinely happy that I recognized her and gave me a very big warm smile. She looks exactly the same, just grown up, which is why I recognized her face. She also commended me on my flawless pronounciation of her last name. I guess people don't get it right? I didn't really get to talk to her, as her phone rang and picked up the call. But I did say hello and asked her if she lives in Chicago. She said no and that she was living in New York and was just visiting. I do remember reading somewhere that she went to School at the University of Chicago. I'm not sure where she's from or stuff. Either way, she seemed really nice....but my reaction was so cheesy I almost smacked myself. I was all trixie Valley Girl and was all like "Oh my god!!!! Hi!!!". was so funny at how geeked I am. Like I stated above, i've run into quite a few celebrities and I am not a "starfucker", as they call them, at all. You'll never see me asking and hounding celebrities for autographs and shit..but then there's rare cases, like today, when I'm floored and get all stupid. Hahahaha. This has happened only 4 times now...when I met Cyndi Lauper, Cristian Castro, Maria Rojo and now Anna Chlumsky.

Again, I'm not sure why I got all geeked like I did...maybe because it was unexpected and also because it was such a random encounter to run into someone who was in one of your favourite kid films? I mean who'd expect it?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Spanish soaps on DVD

You may remember an earlier post this month about me buying "La Madrastra"...

it was SO GOOD! I think this one and "Cuna De Lobos" are the best I have seen on DVD! Anyone who wants a trashy, entertaining murder mystery do yourself a favour and pick or rent this DVD!

Also, I wanted to warn you guys, for those who care...they're releasing 3 new ones on DVD..

Apuesta Por Un Amor (Paty Manterola, Juan Soler..etc) - APRIL 25

Clase 406 - Primera Temporada (Basically all the cast of RBD+ Aaron Diaz) - MAY 09

Piel De Otoño (Laura Flores, Sergio Goyri "grrr!") - JUNE 13


El Absentée

I'm so sorry guys for not writing..I've been caught up in shit. Thanks for keeping posted!

Well this week I've spent battling with my funds and paying crap. Damn end of the month. Anyway. Yesterday was my mother's birthday..."happy birthday mamá!". Mine is in 11 days, by the way...

I'm still trying to find an apartment...we have to leave here by July 1st. We're fed up of the mice, but also, I'm not sure if I discussed this, but we had been warned since the beginning of the year that our landlord's ex-wife's mother, who is 80something and has failing health, might need an apartment and they may want her to move in where we are at. That ended up occuring so we have to move too. We signed a 6 month lease anyway. Good luck to them. I had an evil thought though....wouldn't it be such a odd irony of us vacating the apartment and once we leave, the woman dies? Then they'd be left with no tenants. Yes, I'm evil and going to hell for "going there".

What else is new children....this thursday I may go see KEYSHIA COLE and GOAPELE at the House Of Blues! I'm on the guest list but the thing is the show starts at 11:30! That's kinda late, we'll see if I make it.

I'm excited..I really like Keyshia Cole's CD! See when she first came out about a year ago, there was a lot of hype since she was one of Kanye West's little protegés. I wasn't impressed when I downloaded her album on the I quickly erased it. Apparently lots of people weren't impressed either, her album was flopping and her first 2 singles "Never" and "I Changed My Mind" didn't do shit on the charts....but then, "I Should Have Cheated" came about. Wow, that song is just amazing! It's a very good song with strong attacking lyrics to an untrusting partner that we can all relate to, and her voice is great on it! This song made me double think getting her CD...the once her fantastic and biggest hit "Love" hit, I was convinced and got her album again. And it's really good! It's great modern RnB without that whole "Lil' Jon" keyboard generic production or Beyoncé's "no talent, let's oversing". As for Goapele...from what I heard, she's good...a tad "lilithy" if you know what I mean but still, she's good.

Wish me luck :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Job interviews gone wild!

I had a job interview this past Friday for some Electrical Supplies company and they needed a bilingual rep to pretty much act as a translator for accounts they had in Mexico. I don't know what I was expecting or vice versa...but I had an interview scheduled. I thought "ok! I talked to this person on the phone and now they want an interview, let's do it!".

Turns out...I wasn't interviewing for a position but rather a 3rd party networking company and it just happened that the Electrical company was one of them. So I walk in there and there's lots of suits filling out shit and I come in there wearing casual khaki's and a knit sweater. Hmmm, I stood out immediately. I still wasn't sure what was going on so I fill out some forms and wait to talk to someone. And when I did..that's when I found out that it wasn't a job interview per sé but more of me coming in to be a part of their company..and would have to pay them if I got a job. I still thought I should hear it out so I interviewed with some lady, blah blah all know the standard questions..."how would you describe your skills in **" and "What are your best attributes and your weaknesses" or my favorite "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" which you have to reply "Working in a company that has room for advancement" or some shit like that.

So, then after all this was done, and after my dissapointment, they wanted me to take some sort of long test..but at this point it was almost time for me to go back home to get ready for work (I worked second shift that day) I told them "this is not for me" and left. I mean it wouldn't have been a problem, but if I was going to go through all this trouble I better get a job! It was just a big miscommunication. I'm not entirely desperate to get a new job, I'm simply checking out other options. If I was really determined and desperate to get any new job, I would have sat trhough to see what they had to offer me here...but I wasn't going to pay someone at this moment. And honestly, I'd still like to keep my current job, so if I get a new one I'd like to be able to work something out where I can work here part time or something.

Oh least I get one more knotch in my totem pole of job interview experience. Hurrah!

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