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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hey hey.

So this week has been a lil' busy for me. I have had 3 job interviews since yesterday and so far nothing. I was late for one yesterday and convinced the guy to still see me later in the day. And then I met with a staffing agency (I've already gone to 3 and nothing) and that took lke 3! Today was at a Centro de Salud in like Douglas Park (gheeeto) but I still went and gave it my all.

I've noticed something though...I've never had a problem going to interviews or being nervous as I always feel that you should be yourself and if yourself is not good enough for the job, then its not for you. But my confidence has been shaken lately and now I can't help but feel like I really need to fight. So I tend to become really quiet when nervous which is not good.

It's like I feel that something is wrong with me. But then I have to remind myself that YOU MUST BE GOOD ENOUGH for this position as they would not have contacted you if they didn't feel you qualified. You are good enough and qualified and any company would gain an asset in you by hiring you. So I have to remind myself of this and feel like a tiger when going in :)

I looked so cute too..I wore nice clothes and did my hair super "nerdo" :).

But again..we'll see. I hope I gets a call soon!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Tissues & issues

Hi guys! Thank u for checking back at this blog despite 2 weeks of no updates. I've been preoccupied with other stuff, I'm sorry. But I really did have the intention on spilling my little bitty soul on here.

So the biggest and scariest news came from my family yesterday. I haven't really been talking to anyone lately and my family was no exception. We haven't always had the typical relationship but still, I care and worry for them as I am sure they do too about me. I got a call from a really good friend of the family, who is almost like an aunt to me, and told me that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Apparently its in the early stages, she last had a mammogram 6 months ago and she went into surgery today. I'm certain everything will be OK but still, its scary.

It's amazing how life is. You ca be happy but then nature comes and does its deed. Hence why I really dislike holding grudges with people. There have been many things that have happened to me with my family but at the end of the day, they are my family and would like to die knowing that I did everything I could to be a decent person. So I am praying for her and that she make it. She has a 14 year old son and he needs his mother.

Otherwise, it's been the same current for me while I ride my raft on this journey. I suppose no news is good news eh?

Thanks again u guys for coming back. I appreciate ur presence especially now.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Beatriz Adriana on Mexican Reality Show

So as some of you know, this blog isn't called what it is for no reason. I have a big love for Spanish music and the divas..the REAL divas of the past. They just don't make Spanish singers like they used to. I don't know where it went wrong, but back in the day all that mattered was your voice! Thats why no one like Dulce, Arianna or Ednita Nazario can make it today as its all superficial.

One of my favourite singers in this genre is the lovely and talented Beatriz Adriana

You guys may remember her, she was a prodigy in the 70's as a kid singer with a big voice and by the end of that decade was the Queen of Rancheras. She amassed hit after hit with songs that now are classics and are constantly covered by Durangense bands and countless other people, like "Esta Situacion", "La Reina Es El Rey", "Las Margaritas", "Tu Gaban", "Arrepentida y Sola", "Para Que No Te Vayas" to name a few.

She then in the 80's met the lead singer of a then-unknown band called Los Bukis. His name was Marco Antonio Solis and the two were married by 1982. It is well known that Los Bukis fame skyrocketed after their association with Beatriz, yet sadly nowadays they have eclipsed her in popularity. They were married for 10 years and together ammased even more hits.

I LOVE this woman. She is so versatile! She has sung rancheras and pop ballads..Look at her singing one of her pop hits "Arrepentida y sola"

She has a unique performing style that is often imitated. She was a real artist afterall. I think thats what I miss most about these oldie singers is that nowadays no one has their own style anymore. Everyone comes off a cookie cutter and dressed the same way. Back in the day everyone had their own look. I don't get it. Beatriz used to have this thing where she would roll her eyes like crazy. Look at this clip as an example. You'd think she was epileptic.

Now...she is part of a reality show on TV Azteca in Mexico. It is called "Disco De Oro". I haven't a clue what the show is about, but its interactive and you get to pick which songs u want to hear. I have to find out if they air it in the States. There's 12 other "has-been" contestants on this show too..from MDO, Karina, Manoella Torres (whom I adore as well) and the super sexy Charlie Masso from Menudo. Hot!

Its too bad that someone like Beatriz has to resort to this...but oh well I suppose any publicity is good publicity. I hope she gets exposed to a new generation of people. She is an incredible artist and look forward to hearing new stuff by her.

If you want more info, click here to acces their website.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Son tus perfumenes mujer....

There are quite a few things that disgust me, however I find this one peculiar as its purpose has the opposite intention.

I cannot stand the smell of perfume or cologne! Ever since I was a kid, I grew disgusted of them and never liked them. I think it stems down because my mom had this cheap perfume that she would love to douse herself with called Taboo. Every Sunday when we would be out and about, I remember getting nauseous in the back seat as the fragrance attacked every single one of my orefices with no mercy. I think I may have even vomitted in the car once.

As a teenager and especialy a latino one in the ghetto, everybody would start wearing cologne and it was just unbearable going to high school and everyone wore it. I couldn't escape it! And during those times people aren't even sure of how much to use of it and end up smelling like a perfume factory. To this day there's grown men who haven't mastered the art.

Fragrances are just not sexy to me, the artificial smell of it makes me gag. And I have an incredibly strong sense of smell too so its simply murder.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

What kind of life

So as I was watching "Rosa Salvaje" this morning on Telefutura, there was a commercial for some sort of "Salud de Mujer" festival at Hawthorne Park this Sunday. As usual, they have an array of weird celebrities being there that you would have never imagined would even be relevant to such topics. However, there was one that I was particularly inrigued by. And that is the lovely Jacqueline Bracamontes

She will be a part of it. She's really pretty and I like her novelas (well I've only seen 2, lol). She was fierce in "Rubí" and not to mention, she dated my man Valentino Lanus in real life. The lucky bitch! It's a shame I'm not a celebrity starfucker otherwise I'd go to this festival. But I'm not that hardcore.

You know, I've never been geeked by celebrities. And the times that I have met people that I have truly admired like Maria Rojo, Cyndi Lauper and Tiffany, I never treated them like anything more than people doing their job whom I like. I never got geeked and was all "Omg! I'm such a big fan!! I love you!!" and crying. I don't give people I like that much treatment, let alone any celebrity like others do. I don't get how people get so worked up at the mere sight of someone famous, standing in the sidelines of movie premieres or other things. I mean, what's the point? What do you get out of it? How will it enrich your life? There's people out there who anytime there's an in-store or any random celebrity is making an appearance somewhere, they flock over there with their cameras. Jeez. I have only done that twice in my life..with Cyndi and with Bibi Gaytan and only because my boo boo is a mega-fan. So we both had reasons

So, if I was to give a fuck about anyone famous, I would really be excited over Jacqui's presence in Chicago. But I'm not so, meh. Maybe if I'm downtown somewhere I'll run into her and take my pic with her. And ask her if Valentino had a hairy!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mexican Directors

You know alot has been said about Mexican movies this decade. And very good things may I add! I think its fantastic that Mexico had an artistic rennaisance this decade and has some international recognition as well! Not that it hasn't before, but it just seems more prominent and relevant. No other Mexican film has ever been nominated for so many Oscars as, for example, "Y tu Mama Tambien", "Amores Perros" and quite recently "Pan's Labyrinth" and Mexican-produced "Babel".

However, looking behind the camera...we'll find that these directors are actually rather cute! I've never seen them before, but they're adorable!

Alfonso Cuarón (Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children Of Men..directed Harry Potter as well)

Check out that salt 'n' pepper hair! Sessy!

Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu (Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel)

Who would have thought such cutie pies were always behind the camera on these great pieces of art! :) They should make cameos :)

So on that topic, let me just say I have not seen "Babel" or "Children of Men", but both seem to have great plots that I will probably like. Especially "Babel", I love fucked up movies about human misery. And "Children of Men", who wouldn't want to live in a world where birthing was illegal!! No more kids!!

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