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Monday, March 24, 2008


One whole month without writing!! I feel so..dissatached! It's not like I haven't felt the branwaves of communication but shit happens and you get caught up. I think my other blog has kept me busy too but even then this week I havent written on that too.

So what has been up with me? The same old. I've been working a little more than usual, getting closer to 40 hrs a week. So as a result, I have actually had money to live off :) It's been nice! these last 2 weeks I've gone out more than often, I feel like a normal, ordinary working adult. It's been nice. I guess I should be really frugal and hold on to the extra money, see if it grows on me but I have seriously lived frugally for the last...3 years of my lkife. I need to releaser the tight noose of life every now and then and I am glad that the Lord has blessed me with enough to live.

I haven't signed on to Myspace in a while, but let me formally announce to all the peeps who STILL read this blog (and I love each one of you *kiss*) that my birthday is coming up soon..and I am doing something on the weekend before. So on Saturday April 19, 2008, we will be celebrating my 2-6 killer (thats a Chicago inside joke) birthday at a fun Mexican restaurant by my place where karaoke and margaritas will be there :) I never do anything for my birthday as I never see a big deal. But after the year I had in 2007, I feel like celebrating my current state. So fuck yeah, drink on!

So you peeps who know me personally shalt get a Myspace invite (I've also neglected said website in a while as well).

Muah! les quiero!


ahhhh! you're back. I missed you.

Awww...thank you for not jumping ship! *hugs*

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