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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I saw you walking with the gay boys..

Hey folks.

You've probably been wondering where I've been. I've just been quiet. It's been a pretty hectic 2 weeks. Many different things, many different emotions. I'm sure you're no stranger to it. Especially coming from me hahaha. It's been pretty interesting but otherwise nothing has changed. I was single for at least 2 hours not too long ago but for now I've decided to stay in my relationship as when you really love something, you can never give up on it. And as long as 2 people aren't making life impossible to live for one another then there's still hope.

On another unrelated note, I've been singing this song incessantly. I've been on a new wave kick lately and listening to alot of my old compilations/mixes I had. Because ever since the age of 12 (1994) I have been a hardcore 80's boy. I was into the 80's when it was just too soon to be retro and was merely being "old and dated". hahaha. But this song is hot. Hilarious, offensive and controversial but hilarious


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