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Friday, December 30, 2005

My favorite songs of 2005 and annoying albums..

Howdy folks.

Though it was a slow year, this one did have some kooky and fun songs. Some are very big surprises from people that get on my nerves. So here they are.

My favorites of no particular order

RiHanna - Pon De Replay

Fantasia - Free Yourself

Shakira - La Tortura

Mariah Carey - It's Like That

Santana & Michelle Branch - I'm Feeling You

Gwen Stefani - Cool

Destiny's Child - Cater 2 U

PussyCat Dolls - Don't Cha (mostly the remixes)

Britney Spears - And Then We Kiss

Dannii Minogue - Perfection

Amerie - 1 Thing

Ari Borovoy - Booming (*salivates*)

Mary J. Blige - Be Without You

Avenue D - Do I Look Like A Slut?

Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You

Slow year, but who would have thunk that I would like a Destiny's Child and Britney song? I can't stand Beyonce yet for whatever reason I loved "Cater 2 U". And as for Britney, she really surprised me with such a good and adult song "And Then We Kiss". Apparently it was a leftover from her last album and was one of the songs that the Metro produced for her. She should have done a whole album like that!

There have been some CD's to be released this year that just irk the shit out of me. Mostly I have been exposed by third parties but still, I have to hear them from people or at work. And they are


I don't think an album has annoyed me so much like this one this year. Her "dance album" was such a contrived effort to BE fun...but ended up sounding so fucking boring. She took all the life of songs that could have been good. Just take a listen to "Get Together" or even "Jump". Her voice is missing such spunk, it's too bad that songs that speak of having fun are read by a woman who seemingly has lost her sense of it. So dull.


Kanye West's first album was fun and upbeat, and at times was silly with a small sense of seriousness. On this sophmore effort, smoke has blown up his ass so far up that he has suffered his sense of direction and Kanye wastes too much disc space bitching about his personal issues and people's opinions about himself. He's the new Eminem, only not as exciting. And I nominate Kanye as most annoying celebrity of the year. His interviews are so ludicrous, he REALLY thinks way too much of himself. He's not a genius, he didn't invent the art of sampling 70's soul u know..


This album got annoying fast. With the exception of "1 Thing" and the title track, everything else on this CD gets monotonous after a while and u start wondering if the last song ended and the new one commenced.


Kanye took all of Common's creativity from previous efforts and smothered him with his overlayered and PLAYED OUT SOUND! Poor Common, I have such a crush on him too. But this CD is soooo fucking annoying.


Everything about this CD is shit. From the AWFUL cover picture to the content. Kelly Clarkson went from being a wannabe Mariah to a wannabe Avril. Good for her on being successful, but this CD is still sounding like karaoke crap just like every American Idol (minus Fantasia). Every song on this CD sounds the same, and she tried WAY too hard to be serious. Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan make better impesonations of rock chicks than Kelly ClitFace. KElly should go Country and release an album. The only song she's sounded decent on ever was "Low", and that's because it sounded like a Country ballad.

#6. M.I.A. - Arular

When I first hear her with "Galang", I thought it was kind of kooky and fun. Then all the fucking Music media started to overhype her...THEN everyone and their mamma was buying this CD because "it got good reviews" and everything got out of hand. This CD is a total piece of electroreggae shit...Her Indian mumojumbo gibberrish with her phoney annoying reggae beats are 2 steps away from being REGGAETON. The only song I thought was really fun and to this day is the only song on this CD i'll dance to is "10 Dollar". Otherwise, this CD is a total piece of shit and it's so fucking annoying! Can anyone even understand what the fuck she's saying? I didn't even realize she was rapping in English until someone mentioned it

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

2005..what no "pop"?

This is the year in which I bought the least amount of new releases. I don't know aout how the rest of you feel...but the last year in which I ought zillions of new releases and enjoyed them was 2002. I miss those days, when pop music was actually present and not overdone with hip hop.

My fave CD that I bought this year is

Shakira - Fijacion Oral V.1

I don't think I've listened to a new CD as much as this one.

Then there's also my other favorite

Daniela Romo - Es La Nostalgia

Surprise surprise, no? As a fan of this woman, I welcomed her trip to acoustic and stripped down sounds. This is a first for her, as Daniela Romo is known for her upeat music as she is for her big ballads. This CD may come even more as a surprise, ESPECIALLY since her 2001 album Ave Fenix was A DANCE ALBUM, and an excellent pop album may I add. Every person I played it to loved it.

OTher favorites this year..

Diana Anaid - Beautiful Obscene
great rock pop chick record, much better than Kelly Fartface

Yerba Buena - Island Life
This CD will keep u dancing to island and arab rhythms

Tatiana - Acustico

One of many artists I love this year who released acoustic albums. Tatiana's exceptional as she is IGNORED by people as she turned to children's music. This surprisingly wonderful CD is acoustic versions of her biggest 80's hits when she was a pop princess...AND HER VOICE. She sounds so pretty. She never had a big voice but her tone here is flawless.

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam
Despite all the hype, this CD REALLY is a good pop record, the songs are so incredibly catchy you'll forget to notice his whiney David Gray tone of his voice.

Cyndi Lauper - Body Acoustic

Though it's not the NEW album I wanted from her, this CD is a beautiful CD. This didn't try to recreate anything, and it's not a stripped down album at all. She approaches these songs in creative new ways. Take a listen sometime, u may be surprised.

John Legend - Get Lifted
Another hyped artist, I first bought this CD when it was 7.99 and I thought it was a funky mix of Hip hop and classic soul. I know it sounds generic, but John creates some elegant soul and his voice is smooth, never overdones it and knows his limits.

Amanda Miguel - Piedra De Afilar

The best record she's done since the 80's..and a fantastic return to form. This almost-entirely ballads CD is a great album full of melody and playful honesty. The title track is the only upbeat song, with a slutty double entendre theme..what do u think her "Piedra de afilar (Sharpening stone)" is?

There u have it folks, these are the CD's I thought of at the top of my head, should I forget some I shall add them later. Look for my "Fave songs of 2005" later. Toodles!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Avoiding a trip to doggie heaven

Howdy folks.

As I was walking to my bustop after work on Clark Ave, I noticed that there was a crowd of people and some cars stopped in mid traffic. It turns out that there was a loose dog running around. The owner and lots of others were trying to catch him. My heart immediately dropped, I was so scared for the dog. I didn't want to see him crushed by a car! So I got closer and tried my best to call him to me. It was a small Beagle-esque dog, possibly a mixbreed. The dog seemed scared and didn't want to go near anyone. I managed to lure him to me by crouching down on the pavement and calling him. He ran to me, and I pet his head and said "it's ok baby, it's ok". After I calmed him down, as he seemed very shaky, I picked him up. Some people were clamoring me, and her trixie owner, who was visibly hysterical, thanked me very much as I handed him to her. I told her not to put him down.

How could you NOT have your dog on a leash?!?!?!?!?!?! Especially on such a busy street like Clark?! This is a pic of Clark and Fullerton, approximiately where this happened

It's amazing how some people don't think. Even if your dog is trained, something can spook your dog and make him jet for protection. I've seen it happen. I'm so glad the poor wuff wuff is OK and (hopefully) his owner has learnt a lesson. I don't know what I would do if something were to happen to my Chus. My baby boo boo bum bum baby Chussy fruit.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Mixed folks and daddies

Happy boxing day!

I was one of the unfortunate folks who had to work today, that's what I get oh well. My day was a usual one and nothing exciting on my end. Thank you for reading my post.

I am entertaining myself as I wait for dinner to be ready, and I found this really interesting website Mixed In a way it's rather insensitive, for the fact that they're single-ing out every person's ethnicity when alot of "mixed" folks don't like being probed like that, but it's also interesting to know people's ethnic backgrounds in the entertainment industry. I never knew Rob Schneider was Asian! Take a look at this sitr sometime, it's really fascinating. But what's weird is that they didn't include Vanessa Williams, I thought she was part black? Wasn't she the first "black" Miss America in 1984? Whatever she is, she's gorgeous

Speaking on the subject of ethnicity, I must comment on this issue that I'm sure has been prominent for years now but being that I'm young and have yet to live a lifetime to gather up enough wisdom to fathom life, I never realized before. Why is it that Old gay white men hook up with Young Asian boys? I see that EVERYWHERE, at bars, restaurants, all the time. You'll see a white guy who looks old enough to be someone's grandfather with a young Asian that looks as if he were 12. It's disgusting! It has nothing to do with the racial matter, as that incredible void of age difference is revolting with people of any background. But I've noticed that it happens, (at least it's more obvious) much more to young Asians. Who's benefiting here, the Old guy with a young guy...or is this a financial thing? Could the young Asians be after Old white men for money? It's naive of me to assume so, but I can't help but assume as my explanation is the only immediate plausible one when encountering these individuals.

I've come upon people like this, when a Grandpappy looking guy is together with a MUCH younger guy, I immediately think "God I hope he's his uncle or father", but then get apalled when I see them making "intimate gestures and body contact" to one another. Eeeeeeeew! Don't these guys think "Man, I was 30 when this guy was a newborn!". It's bullshit that "love has no age" and that it can a certain extent AGE DOES MATTER and there's no getting around the differences that make life possible. What "common interest" could you have with the other person? You've both lived different times and both don't have the appreciation of your "upbringing" of one another. The only way I could see a considerable age difference in a relationship as functional is if one of the parties is benefiting as a dependent of the other person. I can't see it as two people who genuinely feel a connection and hook up on "just clicking".

Thanks for reading my rambling :) Peace out

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Coffee enemas

I don't know if all of you out there in internetland drink coffee...but I do. I do it for one sole purpose: it works as an enema!

Whenever I have an upset stomach or am constipated, I make a pot of coffee and drink it..30 mins later I'm getting all my ookies out of my system and all come out in the shape of brown chunky chowder. It's the best! Afterwards I feel so light and new. As a matter of fact, I just had a pot right now.....oh crap...gotta go!

P.S....grrrr! Look at this! I'd have coffee with him anytime

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Que vengan los bomberos que me estoy quemando..

Daniela Romo reference.. :)

Today was an interesting day at work. It was fucking packed today, crazy! Everyone's shopping and everyone's bitchy and needy. I managed to survive most of the day. There is currently a 50% off sales and accessories sale at Tower Records, in case anyone's interested. I think I found some cool Xmas gifts with this sale.

At about 3:30 or so, the store manager makes a loud page over the store, telling everyone to immediately drop what they're doing and evacuate, as the building is experiencing a fire. I did the first thing you're NOT supposed to do: Run to the back and get my shit! Hahahaha, I wasn't about to evacuate without my things! How did some people refuse to leave? There was people hanging out at the main registers, I'm like "Hello! Did u just not hear 'evacuate', you stupid fuck?". What's wrong with people, putting material possesions ahead of their own safety. Is this how much society gives themselves value for? This why idiots like Rachel Barton have lost body parts. Remember her, the violinist whose strap got stuck on a Metra train and got dragged along the tracks and had to have her leg amputated? She could have easily have left her violin go by taking her arm off the strap, but she didn't do it! It was worth at 500,000$. So what's more important, a vital appendage or an expensive violin? Now she's a crippled woman with an expensive violin.

Anywho, back on track. The fire was apparently happening downstairs at the restaurant, Ranalli's. There was a grease fire that apparently was so big that the oil spread thru the entire kitchen and burned the ceiling. It was pretty serious, there were 5 fire trucks and Clark street was closed for more than an hour because of it. I was outside on the cold and we didn't know what to do. Oh well, at least I got paid for doing nothing. Idiots kept coming up to us, "Will Tower reopen? I want to buy some stuff". Jesus some people are PATHETIC. And some people were hanging out and stuff in the hopes that Tower would reopen! Wow, out there freezing their asses off so they can buy stupid shit.

Oh well.

So have u folks been watching "Alborada"?? It's fantastic! The story's really good! Daniela Romo's character, Doña Juana, is such an evil bitch!! I love her!

Arturo Peniche's faggy ass on this novela has not made an appearance in a while. Lucero ran away and is in Mexico now trying to make a connection with her estranged "real" mother, who in turn works for Doña Juana. For whatever reason, Doña Juana wants to get rid of Lucero and send her back to Panama. I have a feeling she's going to end up being Lucero's real mother or something.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Raise The Red Lantern!

Oh my god! I just found out this movie is FINA-FUCKING-LLY going to get released on DVD. This is one of my all-time favorite films of all time, and definitely a very powerful and well put story. I'm so happy! Ever since the dawn of DVD I've always wanted this released. First "Dark Habits", then "El Callejon De Los Milagros" and now "Raise The Red Lantern"!! I hope "Danzon" gets a release next!

For those who don't know this story, this Chinese film revolves around Songlian (the lovely GONG LI) in the 1920's. After her father dies, her dreams of finishing University are crushed, for what else can a woman do after a man dies? Her mother, unable to work, is forced to let her daughter marry a rich man, who already had 3 wives. She marries this man, loses her identity, her dreams, her sense of self and becomes "The Fourth Sister". This is an amazing and powerful story, as we see her personality digress into subcumming to what a woman in her position's idea of success is: Getting the favor of the husband and becoming the favored one. With this privilege comes power of the household and control, and the women all fight this battle in their own way. Some more obvious than others and some with subtle evil disguised in sweetness.

I'm happy that this is getting released and I hope a new slew of people get to be acquainted with this gem.

THE DVD is being released by Razor Entertainment on 02/14/2006

Bareback Sex


It's been hella busy these past few days, been working non-stop at retail and just managing. For the most part it's not so bad, but I fucking hate recorded music-impaired idiots who don't take the time to properly look around the store to find the new Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Coldplay, U2, Madonna, Rolling Stones or whatever else people who don't like music buy these days in an attempt to fit in with the rest of the world by thinking "if I buy this CD, I'm cool because it's selling really well". Whatever. People are lame. I'm sure movie geeks feel the same way about me, who does not know a thing or two about "popular" movies at all. That's another thing about Tower, they make more $$ off of DVD's, and there's TONS of losers who buy movies all the time there. And alot of the times people come to me asking me "Can u tell me if you carry *insert popular movie here*"..and all IMMEDIATELY freak out when I ask "is that a band or an album name?". Hello, it's a fucking record store I work at, not a Blockbuster. I think I know less about cinema (well non foreign at least) than I do about dance music...take that sexbox!

Other than that, nothing else is going on with me. This past weekend I got to see a few people because my man and I hosted our first "get together" at our apartment. It was lovely. I also got to see the most overtly hyped movie of the year (especially in the Gay fishbowl that pervades us), "Brokeback Mountain", or more commonly misnamed as "Bareback Mountain". Man, I have not laughed at a movie in so long. And I'm sure it was not the intention of the film! This film had as much emotional core as a daytime soap and tried so hard to be powerful, but failed. This was more of a stigma breaker for Middle America. Why would I be surprised that 2 men in the woods who have not made human contact with no one but each other for 2 months decide to have sex? Jake Gyllenhal was hot in this film, grrr. I don't even like him! Heath Ledger on the other hand was awful! His idea of acting was nothing more than a REALLY bad Redneck impersonation. He never opened his mouth when he talked! I doubt we ever saw his teeth.

I'm glad I saw this movie with Jorge, who also couldn't keep his mouth shut during this movie. I'm an awful movie goer, hence why I hardly ever go see a movie, even on DVD. I have massive ADD and get bored almost instantly. Unless it's an Almodovar film or a cheesy horror movie. Oh well. "Brokeback" entertained me, nonetheless. It was worth to see it, even though this story was aiming at seriousness. I think "The Fluffer" had more of an emotional backbone than this movie.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Goddamned US Postal Service and their apathy!

I've been living a nightmare of an ordeal this past week.

Remember I wrote earlier this week about me tracking down a copy of Daniela Romo's 2nd album? Yeah well the site I got it from shipped it out, gave me a tracking # and everything. Apparently my package was "delivered" on Friday Dec 09..and I have received nothing! Every since Monday, I've been speaking to the office manager at my local post office, some twatface by the name of Tony Reyes. Mind you, I was being completely civil at first, I had contacted them with a simple uncertainty, wanting to know whether or not I should be worried. So he said he was going to look into it on that Monday. I thanked him and waited for his call the next day. TUESDAY comes..and no word from him. So I call him again, and he basically apologized saying that he got backtracked and that everyone's working double since they're short staffed. Again, I was civil and said OK. He said "I have downtime now, I will look for an answer right now, give me your name and # again and I'll call u back within the next hour". He never did. I then get fed up and go IN PERSON yesterday. And even then, I was STILL being civil and not losing my cool. I told him "Hi, I'm the person you've been dealing with for the last 2 days". So basically he repeated what he told me on MONDAY and that he was going to look into it and that's when I IMMEDIATELY lost my cool. I can't remember what exactly I said as I entered into a state of acrimony and just let loose, in front of everybody and everyone was staring. How dare this motherfucker treat me this way? He didn't take me in the least bit of seriousness and basically is ignoring me. He's telling me one thing, TWICE NOW, and never gets in touch with me. And he has not done anything at all, he didn't even ask the postal carrier if she remembered dropping off the package or not. I only want an answer, is my package lost or not, and he can't even be competent enough to admit that. All he was giving me is the run-around. I understand it's Christmas and they have alot of packages, but I'm sure someone can at least file something correctly if it was there. He's SUPPOSED to get in touch with me today, but somehow I really don't think he will..Gee I wonder why.

I didn't have this package insured and it looks like it is indeed lost. I don't think it's normal to wait this long. Here's hoping, but basically I am screwed, as the US Postal Service could care less if you're happy or not. This has only happened to me once before, and again it was for something that was really are and irreplaceable. I really wanted my Daniela CD :(. All I can do is complain and write a letter to someone so they can discipline this "manager" at my post office. Any help in that department? I don't know anything about it. Any help is appreciated as to what I can do for myself.

Peace & love. At least I bitched him out in person, that made me feel better :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

Watch "Alborada" weeknights at 8.00 PM on Univision!

The telenovela I've been waiting for finally started!

Today's opening episode established the basic story line. Lucero's character is poor trash that married a powerful family in Panama (where the story takes place, at least for now). She married Arturo Peniche's character. His mother married them off to cover up his homosexuality (yep, he's a FAG). She desperetely needs a grandchild so their rich and childless uncle can leave them contro of the estate after he dies.

Framed for a murder he didn't commit, Fernando Colunga's character accepts the offer of the evil mother to impregnate Lucero in exchange for freedom. After he does his deed, he flees to his native Mexico (his character is from there).

Classic it! I hope it doesn't get dull. This is a period soap..not sure when. But do watch, I'm only watching it to support Daniela...who WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN on the opening episode. I think her character is based in Mexico and they haven't gotten there yet. The last part of tonight's episode sees Fernando Colunga on the ship taking him back to Mexico.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Big Boi from Outkast & Amanda Miguel ... wow!

Who would have thought!

So today I was working (at Tower), doing my thing, and in the background I could hear that they were playing some sort of hip hop CD. I'm just working and in the background listening. I CAN appreciate hip hop when it has substance behind it. Anyway, continuing...I'm working and then all of a sudden, the song that was playing triggered a thought. I started hearing an Amanda Miguel song when listening to it. I thought, "Maybe it's a coincidence?". So then attentively listening more to the song, I REALLY thought it was Amanda Miguel. The song I was thinking that it sounded like was "Siempre Te Amaré" , from Amanda Miguel's 1980 debut album "El Sonido". I then walked over to the main registers where they have the CD's they play in the store and saw that what they were playing was this..

Big Boi Presents... Got Purp? Vol. 2 [Explicit Lyrics]
1. Intro
2. Dungeon Family Dedication - (with Killer Mike)
3. Kryptonite - (with Purple Ribbon All Stars)
4. Body Rock - (with Shawty Dem/Killer Mike)
5. Me, My Baby & My Cadillac - (with Sleepy Brown)
6. Shit Ya Drawls - (with Konkrete)
7. U Got Me - (with Scar)
8. Clairmont Lounge - (with Bubba Sparxxx/Cool Breeze/Pastor Troy)
9. Time Will Reveal - (with Janelle Monae)
10. Lovin This - (with Konkrete)
11. What Is This - (with Scar/Ceelo)
12. 808 - (with Big Gee/Gee Rock)
13. Lettin Go - (with Janelle Monae)
14. Aye Yo - (with Killer Mike/Bubba Sparxxx/Black Owned C-Bone)
15. Underwater Love - (with Sleepy Brown)
16. 808 - (with Big Boi/Big Gee/Gee Rock)
17. Fonzsworth
18. What Is This - (with Scar/Ceelo)
19. Sh** Ya Drawers - (with Konkrete)
20. Lettin Go - (with Janelle Monae)
21. Konkrete
22. Lovin This - (with Konkrete)
23. Outro - (with Purple Ribbon All Stars)
24. Untitled - (hidden track)
25. Untitled - (hidden track)
26. Untitled - (hidden track)
27. Untitled - (hidden track)

I looked at the track that was playing and saw that it was Track 22. I opened the CD booklet and looked at the song credits, just to see if the song did sample something and SURE ENOUGH, THEY SAMPLED THE AMANDA MIGUEL SONG I WAS THINKING ABOUT!

The rapper who sampled it was Konkrete (or is it spelled Koncrete? Online it's spelled both ways) , whoever that is. Apparently he's affiliated with Big Boi , who is 1/2 of the Grammy winning duo Outkast. Holy shit! I was floored. I can't believe that he actually knew this song! I really didn't think that this was the song, or that at least if it was used that he would credit it. It's amazing, Big Boi must really be into different kinds of music in order for him to be aware of Amanda Miguel, even it it's only this one song he knows. I wonder how this all came to be. If anyone knows anything, comments are appreciated in this section. I'm curious to know how this Konkrete guy, who raps on the track, knows about Amanda Miguel. I wonder if a friend got him into the song or what. It's a really interesting sample though if you hear it. The music blends in perfectly with the extra beats and his rapping.

Kudos to you Big Boi and Konkrete. And kudos to the legendary Amanda Miguel, I'm sure she'll get royalties from this sample! Yay!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where did THIS pic come from?


Howdy y'all

Sorry for not writing to you guys. Been kinda catatonic all week, unsure why. Maybe the weight of the world is getting to me for some reason. My "I don't give a fuck" personality must be taking a vacation...:(

What's new? Nothing other than the usual "work & buying CD's". Hee hee. Speaking of, I tracked down a first edition CD with lyrics of Daniela Romo's 2nd (EMI) album "Amor Prohibido"

I'm so excited! I can't wait to get it. See folks, back in 1993, none of these albums were in print. And at that time Daniela Romo was still a huge pop star and had signed a record deal with Melody/Fonovisa (Now owned by Univision) records. So EMI released ALL OF DANIELA'S ALBUMS on CD in 1993 under their "decada" series. These albums are INCREDIBLY HARD TO FIND..and I happen to have almost all of the original ones, at least from the 80's. I have her (EMI) debut "Daniela Romo", "Mujer De Todos, Mujer De Nadie" and "Gitana". The only album I'm missing, in any edition, is her 3rd (EMI) album which is probably no easier to find than a cure for AIDS. "Dueña De Mi Corazón" is so frikkin hard to find, I don't understand why EMI just doesn't re-release all of these albums. They should check on eBay and those stupid collectors who charge 69.99 for a damn CD that is still in print in Mexico for 99 pesos (rougly 8.73) and see how much $$ they're losing.

I was cleaning around and came across this little piece of paper where I wrote something in Spanish. It's kinda cute, let me share..

Mi amor, decidete a quererme
O de una vez rechazarme
Que harto estoy ya de vivir
La vida como si fuese una carrera
Mi deber debe ser una gran felicidad
Y no estar añorando de nuevo libertad
Dime por favor si yo tengo que ver
Los fracasos ingenuos de tu gran ser
Te digo de nuevo que soy y seré
Un ave que siempre se niega a caer
Jamas me daré por entero a tu plan
De vivir por razones que vienen y van
De una vez liberate de esa indecision
Y seguiré como antes con la misma pasion

It's probably really bad but whatever, I don't even remember whenn I wrote this. I wrote it on a back of a flyer at work..hahaha.

Peace out y'all. And don't forget, the new "telenovela" starring Daniela Romo, Lucero and Fernando Colunga AND Valentino Lanus (grrrrrrr!) starts this monday!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Veneno Para Las Hadas - Poison For Fairies

I happened to see like a 1,000 copies of this DVD at Tower, and it looked promising. As you can see, it won multiple awards. Not that in reality that matters, but reading the story seemed interesting. Veronica (played by Ana Patricia Rojo currently a Mx soap star) is a 10 year old girl with an obsession for witches due to the fascinating stories of witches and ghosts that her nanny reads her every night. She is a lonely girl whose parents died, therefore her imagination is all she has. In comes Flavia (Elsa Maria Gutierrez), a new girl whose rich parents have raised her in a happy state with dolls and trips to the country and also happen to be Atheists. She knows no fear of life (as her parents refer to "religion" as) and is extremely gullible. Veronica convinces this new girl that she has unholy powers and that she's a witch, taking advantage of circumstances that occur and taking credit for them. Flavia is skeptical but since she knows nothing on what's logical and unplausible, she has no choice but to believe everything she's seeing.

Through a series of blackmail and extortion, Veronica slowly takes complete control of Flavia, in the manner that Catholicism takes control of their followers: Through fear of damnation if they don't do as they're told.

The technique of this film is interesting too. The only characters we ever get to see are children. The camera angles are always in weird corners, giving the sensation that we're peeking in. When adults are onscreen, they're always shot from the waist down or to their backs, reminding us of "Tom & Jerry" and "Muppet Babies" cartoons. It's a unique angle for this film but I'm assuming because it's meant to portray the world of the children where the adults aren't important.

Sounds like a great movie doesn't it? WELL WRONG! I'm sorry, I'm very open-minded and patient with unfolding stories, but this story dragged on forever. The first 10 mins of the film are great. We establish the curiosity that Veronica feels as the stories are being read to her. Then the movie moves slowly to constant scenes of the girls playing. They never lead anywhere....until the last 5 mins, in which the movie, again, picks up and finally puts all the vague and silly scenes together successfully. I still didn't feel that the movie was good enough though even for those last minutes. This film will only make sense at the end. It'll go from being an awful movie to a "campy" movie. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone, hence why I didn't comment on the end or what I feel the message of the film was.

The scenes in this film where "scary" stuff is supposed to occur are hilarious. They are so far fetched in editing..and the "screams" or looks of horror are so exagerrated, it's worth it to see its campiness. The film was directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada, the same man who directed the horror films "Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo", "El Libro De Piedra" and the divalicious "Mas Negro Que La Noche" starring Lucia Mendez, Susana Dosamantes, Helena Rojo and others. Also, "Veneno Para Las Hadas" seems to have a cult following in Mexico. There's even a Goth (or "Dark" as the term is used in Mexico) band with that name, hee hee.

Anyone know anything about the little girl that plaed Flavia, Elsa Maria Gutierrez? I can't seem to get any info on her. She didn't die or anything did she? If anyone reading this know, info is appreciated.

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